Lacking Rest

I’m worn out and lacking rest. But there’s a conflict with my being able to take some time off from being a wife and mother until..NEVER. So, what then?

I’m lacking some good rest; I’m really tiring from life in general. Every time I open my eyes, I give all I have to give to the day.

Back in the Saddle

My family, along with many other families, will soon jump back into the throes of a new school year again. What this means is, I’ll start setting my alarm at an extremely absurd time in the morning again (I swear it wasn’t that early when I was in school!), cutting the rest back even more, to start the school/work day along with all the events we schedule from those. 

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The idea of scheduling time for romance with my husband is one we’re all too familiar with. My floors are filled with clutter: toys and little bits of..well, everything you can imagine. 

This Is NOT Me

Accomplishing my lists of things to do seamlessly, fits nowhere with my personality either. Not in the way it seems others are easily able to do, anyway. My soul feels as if it’s caving to the pressure much of the time. 

To spell this all out plain and simple? I’m just wearing thin!
I’m unsure of how much more is left in me to remain on task, frankly. 

It’s possible I’m requiring a break from all the routines in our day, too. But how does a mother or a wife take time off? I mean, these roles should come with (un)paid time away, however this isn’t the case! 

One Rest at a Time

Maybe I should take baby steps towards a solution then. Perhaps, I can delay one of my responsibilities on the never-ending tasks I have to complete, and spend some alone time with my husband, which I crave. Only the two of us. He and I could probably gain something from having the opportunity to woo each other once again. 

Another certain probability is, as I’m feeling like I’m getting ready to fold, from the daily struggles coming with having a larger family, maybe it’s actually my soul directing me and giving me a sign to refresh itself, which would allow me to build my strength up once again, for completing the remainder of my journey. I’m sure a minimum of one day could be arranged for me to spend some alone time with Jesus, too. Maybe I’ll end up discovering I’m already possessing the equipment I’m requiring, to face the future and all it holds and my soul just requires some silence, for small periods, to remind me of this. I think this can only end positively by trying this theory on, no? I have a funny feeling this can only help. 

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:29-30 NIV

The Simplicity In Work: Cultural Popularity

Society heaps praise on the people who live to work. Overtime? Yes! Stay late? Do it! More money, more power, more significance…

It’s easy for me to lose absolutely all track of time when I’m focused on my work – super easy, actually. Our culture puts heaps of praise on workaholics too, which would include those who are working loads of overtime. 

The Work Sacrifice?

If someone’s “sacrificing” their family time to earn a little more, than it’s deemed ok to wear this “sacrifice” like a badge of honor. The people who are overworked get accepted in our culture. 

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Somehow, we miss that, this path will inevitably lead into burnouts. Maybe even to our lives spiraling completely out of control, from all the pressure. 

But because our culture’s so driven by results, it’s made even more tempting to sacrifice our time with those we love. I find myself wondering: is there a middle ground between being overworked, and being lazy, with a sense of entitlement?! 

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Don’t Get It Twisted

Hard work, no doubt, certainly deserve praise! But, it’s only a part of our lives, not all of it! I’ve got to be able to feel significant in life outside of my work. 

I’ve got this war that goes on inside of me quite frequently: should I be so in love with my work that it’s all I consume (i.e. eat, sleep and breathe) or should I take the chance of being looked at as lazy and unmotivated? When I’m “hustling”, and busting my rear-end in my job, it’s almost like I’m more valued as a person – not to mention the financial incentives that are received as a “reward”. 

My life’s so much more than how many homes I sell! It’s so much more than my desire to “live comfortably”. 

Maybe, it’s our culture that seeks satisfaction in all of the wrong places?? It’s definitely not going to be in yet another gadget we purchase so we can play with it! Nor is it in my having repeated instant gratification, so much so that I lose sight of what “patiently waiting” means. 

If I were to work with the intent to purely satisfy all the things I want, I’d be grossly underestimating what it is that I’m truly capable of! 

My life’s about more than the level of success I have. With all that being said, I do still believe work’s important. 

What’s the Benefit?

Our working is what allows us to take care of our families. It helps our growth as individuals! 

I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself through my own work: what strengths and weaknesses that I have, the ability I have to be an effective problem-solver. But there’s much more than these, when it comes to defining who I am as a woman! What I bring in financially will never come minutely close, to an accurate picture of what my value is. 

There’s a lot to be said for the kind of friend that I can be (this word’s interchangeable: daughter, cousin, mother, spouse, niece or sister can be used, as well). I believe the true purpose of work’s found when we’re able to realize the eternal significance in it. We can do that by looking at the people around us as souls, not just dollar signs added to our bank accounts.

Stop and really SEE someone; HEAR them! You might be the first one to ever do that for a lot of people. 

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands isn’t quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV