Sharing In Joy, While Waiting…

Listening to others’ stories of joy – Do you leave feeling hopeful? Or hopeless?

“Find joy in the ordinary.” Unknown

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Have you heard some of the stories that play on the radio stations or local news, about random people who are getting their home paid off? They have no idea who did it or how it was done; they just receive a statement in the mail, saying that their mortgage was paid for!

I seem to hear these awesome stories a lot these days. The most recent scenario I listened to was about a local couple who won an amazing trip to a beautiful tropical getaway on one of the morning talk shows on the radio. 

Now, I’ll admit that I do feel a little ashamed sharing this. I actually found myself getting down!

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There I was, questioning the fairness of others getting stuff that I’d wanted for myself. Selfish much?

Oh! But not only were these joyful individuals getting rewarded, they were getting it without having to do anything?! Except submit an entry!

To deny I was feeling discouraged, would be futile. I actually let myself, even if it was briefly, get negatively affected by somebody else’s joy! 


Stop dreaming of being someone else! Find joy in being you!

As I said, I feel awful about having this kind of reaction! Things like having a debt paid for you and winning an all-expense paid getaway are blessings.

First of all, like it can only happen once in the first place, right?! People win these trips once a week, through various different channels.

Ultimately though, I hate the fact that it caused me to feel less than hopeful for something just as great ever happening for me in my own life. Better yet, how about not even having it happen? Instead, how about just being able to do all of these things for myself? Bag waiting for it to be won

I hate losing hope, and frankly it really IS unnecessary. I mean, you never know. I just may be that next story you hear! Nothing wrong with imagining that dream becoming a reality! Am I right?

Being thrilled with and for people about the blessings they receive in their lives is completely possible WHILE remaining hopeful for the best that life has to offer me. Obviously, we’ve already have been abundantly blessed! 

Whatever comes next, well it’s probably going to be so amazing, that I should just not even bother trying to fathom what it’s gonna be anyway! Meanwhile, I choose to praise all of the blessings I have today.

I can continue praising blessings that other people may be hopeful for in THEIR own lives, too. Share the joy, friends!

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Control Freaks Welcome Comfort Zones

I think Christopher is much happier with the somewhat more relaxed version of me. I would be if I was him.

To me, there was NOTHING wrong with taking control of things. ALL things. Someone’s got to take the reigns, right?? Everybody else seemed to feel the differently.

Controllas Gonna Control
***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I like to be in control – the sense of knowing what should be coming next is a comfort zone for me. Or, that was my perception.

Reality has been such an eye-opener for my family – or I should say that thinking little old me has any clue as to what should be coming next is pretty ridiculous. Let’s look at exhibit A, shall we?

My daughter’s wedding is coming in the next month. Correction: less than a month. During this time most of my household will need to have our clothes for the special day picked out; make sure that Brooke approves of the clothes; let the people who have been trying to plan what they want to wear know of our clothing choices (what the parents of the bride are wearing is apparently a thing); possibly have backup plans – because having a 5-year-old and being far from home are factors; PLUS be ready to celebrate the homecoming of my brother who will be transferred back for the first time in his military career the night before the wedding. Needless to say, hardy har har, that being clued in on how the agenda lines up is quite – unlikely  – hmm – and needing to just be thrown out of the window as of now. 

“The more you try to control something, the more it controls you. Free yourself, and let things take their own natural course.”

The “living in the moment” season has made its way to the family stage. One might say that this is the best way to live; my family knows that I have to overly prepare myself for this fact, though. (Yes, you read that right…I have to prepare for living in the moment.)

However, I think that we all should be in our comfort zone – since everything will work out according to the heavenly Father’s plans. With my somewhat begrudgingly coming to terms with this more over these last couple of years, I learned that I could feel tremendous peace by trusting Him to have everything under control. To be faithfully dependent on a God that has never changed, has always been there – then include the part of His having already mapped out each detail, it kind of feels like a weight has been lifted. My family can be assured that everything will work out beautifully. Everything is going to work beautifully. The act of trust, it wickedly slays knowing what’s next. 

Stop snoring