Passing Time

Time is constantly passing by. There’s just no stopping it!

We all have the exact same number of hours in the day, though. Nobody gets to be so successful, or so poor, to change that. What we choose to do with the time we’ve got, is up to us.

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I’d suggest choosing wisely! Sometimes it feels like it’s out of our control, though. Somehow, the day goes slipping by!

If we’re willing to look a little closer however, we might see where it’s all going to. The truth is, we’re making choices throughout the entire day.

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We make a choice to sit on our phones, playing some insignificant game. We make the choice to be still, seeking wisdom. Every last drop of it was something that was either said yes or no to.

I choose my commitments. It was my choice to leave the business world to be home more for the kids. When the house is due for some tidying, I have to make a decision to do it (and tell others what they need to get to). The list could go on and on.

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Eventually, time will come to an end – but it hasn’t yet. So, we can make it count while we’ve still got it!

It’s impossible to prevent time from moving forward. If we really want to fit something in, we’ll figure out how.

We’ve All Got Time

I’ll finish by telling you a quote I recently read. It says, “We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If someone else seems to be accomplishing more than you, they’re sacrificing more than you.” Now I don’t know if I agree with the way this was meant, but it’s true! We can make the choice to sacrifice – with our family, with talking to God – to get other stuff accomplished. Ultimately, it’s our decision. What are you going to say ‘yes’ to today? Have you thought long and hard about the things you’re then saying ‘no’ to?


Limited Play-Dates: One Day They’ll Just Be Memories

My oldest turns 22 in October, which means it’s been almost 4 years since our waking up together as a family of 6. We had many dreams of doing more things together that didn’t all work out the way we’d hoped. My heart yearns to slow it all down, yet I also am excited to see what they make of their own lives.

My mind often thinks about the memories that we experienced the most happiness. Maybe the first time they went into the swimming pool, or the play-dates we had in the park? There were so many…

Then, my memories move over to the most precious outfits they’d wear for the very first time. Oh and the swimsuits! The ones that showed off those chubby little die for.

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Hairball Gumballs

And I have regrets that cause my heart to ache a little. Like my being so self-conscious..after all, my figure had changed. It wouldn’t allow me to be completely free, to fully involve myself in our adventurous play-dates. And that saddens me.

And The Memories Keep Coming

I remember the baby-fine hair they had, and recall the way it went all these crazy directions, particularly after they’d dried off and were back in my arms. In fact, I can almost feel the softness in the palm of my hands..still so fresh in my memories.

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My thoughts then shift over to their eyes..those big, bright smiling peepers! Sigh. How I could have stared at them for hours, during the many play-dates that we had – and I did, often.

Creating Play-Dates of Joy

The creativity that spun, from myself and others, in making many joyful experiences for my babies, just to bring out their laughter. We watched tons of kids movies, got into loads of games, and we didn’t have many cares in the world, as long as we were together.

I planned some adventures for us, too, traveling away from our home to go enjoy some vacation play-dates; albeit, with a tight budget to work from, but it was exciting to them nonetheless, making it exciting for all of us! The getaways were mostly all within the great state of Texas, until the later years anyway.

Holding Onto The Smiles

We’ve experienced hundreds of good memories, and my heart feels full, seeing their smiles play-back in my mind. I’d smile a lot, as well, from the precious moments of seeing their faces. Looking back, all was right in my world in the midst of these times.

Now, I wonder how they grew up so quickly, and where all of our time went; time to enjoy some more of these wonderful play-dates…Nothing will be the same now, though. Still many great times to be had, of course..just different.


Going to school for their lunch period is a thing of the past with three of my kids, and actually I should say no more school in general, for half of my babies. Now, we enjoy our occasional weekends going places together; then, of course, we celebrate special events and the holidays.

My two oldest have their own lives, and we even a new addition with my son-in-law. They’re out enjoying life with people who they’ve crossed paths with over the years, as they should. The days seem filled with so much to do, but not very much longer, and my son too will be finishing up high school. And I’ll be left wondering again, how we got there so fast?

College Days

He’ll likely go off to college, and will surely do fantastic things – how could he not, with that amazing personality and his many talents?! My heart will undoubtedly mourn at times, and I’m sure there’ll be days I want to just curl up and reminisce over the old family pictures.

Reminiscing about things that brought joy, possibly. Maybe even reminiscing over the last disagreement that was had…

Certainly, I’ll reflect on how humbled I always felt,

thinking about how God chose me to be their mom..and then, I’ll recall all the days I cherished being that role, and still do. Maybe I’ll mull over my guilt some, the things I did all wrong..and the times I was just distracted during our time together. That time which just keeps moving right by.

So, this is a reality check for me, really. My current duty is to keep making the days worthwhile, and enjoying the “play-dates” that we have left; there’s not very many of them.


  • Consider all suggestions.

My first reaction has been to disregard suggestions that aren’t typically part of our norm, and that probably needs to take a backseat. I’m ready now – to hear about the stuff we can do that can help let loose a little and live more!

Kids shouldn’t have to stay neat and tidy;

we can chill and do things which allow us to spend time together. I don’t always need to require them to put down the volume, or stop with the rough-housing. We SHOULD all “break the rules” sometimes: have the early snack and late supper. There needs to be more getting out of the house, even if it’s just to throw the ball out back. Sometimes, we might sit down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creations. And after a late night, maybe we’ll all fall asleep there in the living room.

  • Why not go?

When my brain struggles to decide what our family’s able to swing, in order for getting up and going, I need to let my heart take over, and let the struggle be ~how~ our family is going to get up and go! My response to this question is going to, that’s how. (God willing, anyway!)

The moments of making childhood memories are few,

so we must make the most of them! A lot of amazing things are left to still experience, plus, there’s lots of fun waiting out there to be had, and waiting for us to break down whatever’s holding us back from exploring them.


  • Go in with them.

My hesitation to jump into the water (or whatever it is they’re doing) has to lay low. What’s really more fun than hide-and-go-seek, anyhow?!

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The day that they’ve had, needs to be heard about, even when we have to listen to all the dramatics and side-stories along with it. It doesn’t matter where we go together..full participation is required! That’s what they need from me!

  • Jump in the picture.

Getting in the pictures isn’t my first instinct, especially as the person who’s usually taking them. However, on behalf of them, my silly face should be camera ready. That way, when they go to reminisce, they view us having fun together..laughing, seeing me love being their mom, in the same way that they always appeared to love being my kid.

Enjoy the mundane.

My goal to make great adventures happen for us will be there – in conjunction with this, however, I’m committed to finding the joy in our quiet, minimal activity time also: those hot afternoons, when we’re bumming around way longer than we should, making egg sandwiches for a late first meal of the day, then doing a whole lot of nothing.

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My head – and heart – are well aware of the toy disasters being around for a short time longer; their ouchies, one day, won’t fall on me to take care of. And my little girl will, soon enough, have her very own stash of makeup to sit beautifying herself with. Or I guess I should say, there’ll be others to more than likely do these things together with.

Eventually, they’re going to be living their own lives somewhere. Maybe, they’ll go even further away than a mother likes to imagine. Then, our play-dates will live in our hearts and memories. And those silly photos!