Occasionally, I hear about and see the strife in our world, and I can’t help wondering why we’re having all this pain.

We live in a place unlike the original world God made for us. It became like this because of human nature – because of sin.

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We’re the ones that brought sin into the world, yet occasionally, some of us still want to point at God, asking why we’re in the state we are.

Even though we gave sin its introduction, God has given us a way back to Him. We’re able to get in the presence of God, because of Jesus’ death. God loves me, and you, that much!

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And He still occasionally has to face our rejection. Of course, it brings Him sadness when we continue turning away, but those who are doing the rejecting ought to have more concern over their actions. On judgment day, the whole world answers for the decisions we’ve made.

Of course, I’d rather think about what it might look like, waking up in a world that has found peace with each other. Can you imagine seeing such a divine sight? But unfortunately, that can’t happen on this side of heaven.

Occasionally, A Scroll Opens

Then, I watch the Lamb, opening the first of seven seals. I heard one of the four living beings start speaking in a voice that had a sound like that of thunder. The voice said, “Come!” Looking before me,, there stood a white horse. The rider on it held onto a bow and had a crown given to him. He rode out, to defeat the enemy and win the victory.

The Lamb began opening the second seal. Then, I heard the second living being say, “Come!”
And another horse came out, a red one. The rider on it had the power given to him, to take all the peace on earth away, so people would kill each other. He also had a big sword.

The Lamb began opening the third seal.

And I heard the third living being say, “Come!” I went to look and there before me, I saw a black horse. The rider on it held a pair of scales in one hand. Then, I heard something sounding like a voice. It came from where the four living beings stood. It said, “A quart of wheat, or three quarts of barley, costs a full day’s pay. But don’t harm the supply of olive oil and wine!”

The Lamb began to open the fourth seal. Then, I heard the voice of a fourth living being saying, “Come!” I went to look, and there before me, I saw a pale horse. The rider on it, death, with Hades there as well, following close behind. They were given powers over a quarter of the earth; power that’d kill people with the sword, and by starving, disease, and wild animals of the earth.

The Lamb began to open the fifth seal.

Then I saw some souls under the altar. They were the souls of those put to death because of they’re faithfulness to God’s message, and the truth they found. These souls began to shout in a loud voice, “Holy and true Lord, how long until you judge the people on earth, and punish them for killing us?” Then, they each had a white robe given to them. They were told to wait a short time longer. Some brothers and sisters in the service of Christ had to face their own killings, as the souls had. They were told they had to wait, until these killings had taken place.

Then, I began to watch as the Lamb was opening a sixth seal. There came a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth. The full moon became red like blood. The stars in the sky fell on the earth, like fig trees dropping its figs while the wind blows. The sky split in the middle, and then both sides began rolling up, like a scroll. Every mountain and island began to move from its place.

Then, all the people: kings of the world, rulers, army commanders, rich people, the powerful, every slave and free person – they all hid in the caves, and behind rocks on the mountains. They said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us. Hide us from the one sitting on the throne, from His face. Hide us from the Lamb’s anger! The great day of anger has come. No one can stand against it.” Revelation 6

Difficulties: Holding On Through the Storm

Whether you’re going through difficulties because of your own doing, or because someone else put you there, it’s time to get a good grip. There’s a way out, you just have to choose it.

Everyone has times in their life, where it’s filled with difficulties..when you’re in the storm.

No doubt, I certainly have had my moments!

There’s some difficulties that I’ve had, completely because of my own doing. Had I not begun taking too many pain meds, I wouldn’t have let myself say some pretty awful things to my (now)husband, ultimately leading to us having to separate briefly.

Had I not been obsessing to look a certain way, I wouldn’t have begun “needing” these pain meds to help curb my appetite. You get the picture…

“My Difficulties Aren’t My Fault”

Then there’s other difficulties we might have, that come at the hands of someone else. Like when another person physically or emotionally hurts us, leaving our lives in shambles and us having to pick up the pieces.

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Or if someone steals your identity, and as the victim, you now have to deal with the fallout. But, God will still work it for His glory!

In the end,

as hard as it may be when going through the difficulties, we’ve got the assurance of God standing right by our side. He loves us, and won’t leave.

As tempting as it might be, we must keep hanging on. Grip onto your seat, and begin to pray! But…

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Don’t. Let. Go.

He hasn’t let go of you yet. Nor will He.

Right when someone gives into the lie..

that they’re the only ones who can help themselves, or that they’re foolish in believing that God will just “show up”..usually, it’s then, as they’re walking away that He was bringing a solution – not only answer the present difficulties, but offer something that’d be ten times better than they ever could’ve known to pray for.

In exchange for you, because you’re precious to Him, He changed the events that were coming. What if you just kept believing? Trusting God would show you a way out?

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What if you took your eyes off of the problem, and focused them on helping someone else with their own dilemma? Sometimes, that’s just what we’re needing.

Even more than that?

We need to hand our hopeless situations over to the One, who’s more than capable to handle them, and say “Ok, God, I don’t know how you’re going to do this..but I’m trusting it to you, because I believe that you DO know how! In the meantime, where is it that you need me?”

Then, you wait. You’ll see where He wants you. I guarantee it!

His Hands and Feet

Work for Him, and work with Him, to show compassion for others that are at a loss. You’ll bless yourself in being a blessing to them.

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I won’t BS, and allude to you that this is all roses and cupcakes. It’s not!

It’s hard handing over control, when it feels like you’re quickly sinking. But without having to say anything else, I’m still here!

Still Treading Water

I haven’t sunk yet. It’s been close; when I take my eyes off Him for only a second, to survey the work that He’s doing..to double-check Him..I find myself starting to gasp for air! Just get them back into focus, though. And you’ll be ok.

What can it hurt to at least try?

Others were given in exchange for you. I traded their lives for yours because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4 NLT

What’s the storm look like for you right now? Was it caused because of your own doings or did someone leave you in a bad way? Isn’t it relieving to know that no matter how you got there, God wants to help you out? Will you trust Him to do this today? Let me know how I can pray for you. Shoot me a comment below!

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