210: Love This City 

I was born and raised right here in good ol’ “San Antone”. You might hear some of the natives, like myself reference it as being the 210. There were small periods as a young child when I lived in nearby cities, like Houston and Austin.

I’ve never felt nothing but love for this city, but I definitely didn’t see its beauty in the way I do now. Could be, that there was my teenage girl indifference thing going on, too. My affection for it has grown, more than ever, these last five years or so. By grown, I mean, it’s just part of me, and that my family will probably never leave.

True Love in the 210

First of all, can you really be that intense about your city? Well, it has some great things to offer, like:

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1. Our Residents, That Have So Many Traditions
It has traditions, like no other. Our residents are also committed to these remaining alive. Another reason, is how refreshing it is to see children, finding out about how others live – it’s second nature to them because they’re hanging out with all these different cultures. Educational field trips are great and all, but it’s also absolutely unnecessary, because we just have to travel for about 30 minutes either North, South, East or West inside the 210.

2. Breakfast

No matter how much I have eaten the breakfast tacos, my mouth still waters at the thought. When I say “breakfast”, my brain’s focus, is actually on BARBACOA, or carne guisada with cheese. OH! And I can’t forget chorizo and egg!!

Same Ol’, Same Ol’

My kids always have to eat the normal, boring food but they’ll have it anytime, anywhere at least. It’s going to be the same, wherever we get it, so if I want to eat something specific, then I just choose which place it is that we’ll go to.

Our other family members and friends will have two cents to put in about the place – that’s fine because my list of places to try, just keeps growing. There’s many!

3. Educational Outings

There’s a ridiculous amount of places to choose from, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them in the 210. Almost all are fairly priced, plus, during the summer there’s plenty of places that have offers for special days you can get in cheaper, or maybe even for nothing at all.

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The children seem really excited about Morgan’s Wonderland, and the San Antonio Aquarium, with all of the hands-on activities they can do. (Plus it’s always super adorable to watch them play AND learn at the same time!) The place most like the best, is the Alamo…

The Alamo

It’s centered in Downtown S.A. at 300 Alamo Plaza is a “little” piece of history, and it’s absolutely a big part of what shapes this city. You have to be sure you check out their Educator Workshop – The Legends of Texas: From Mission to Shrine on Saturday, August 5 which is going on 9am-4pm. First Saturday, at the Alamo on Saturday, September 2 goes from 9:30am-4:30pm. They’re liable to have a participation fee and/or registration, so be sure you check out their website. 

Downtown S.A. at 300 Alamo Plaza

4. Fiesta
My birthday’s April 20, so I always got to go to Fiesta for a good day. In the “old days” it was so much fun to plan what days we were going to do what events.

An example, driving all around town to pick up tons of folks, to head down for NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio). The great thing is, you’ve got tons of things to choose from.

Strawberry Festival

Is there really anywhere else you can go to events at, that’s completely dedicated to strawberries?? My hometown is where it’s at, baby!

5. Get Your Tan On
We do tend to get annoyed with the heat, and stay in until the hottest part of the day passes. But, there’s really so much to enjoy outdoors in the 210.

We’ve got a ridiculous amount of parks and places to hike, or if you’ve got little ones, you’ve got the pick of the litter when it comes to playscapes. With my 2 youngest home for the summer, and them being at great ages to experience new things that they haven’t before, we’re discovering the new play area of Hemisfair Park, libraries around town, parades..the list is endless.

Choices, Choices

If we want something to eat, we don’t have to go to McDonald’s, or ChicFilA to let the young one play. Quite a few restaurants in the city have some kind of sand area and even more, for her to enjoy, while we’re there for our yummy meal (and us grown folk, may grab a couple margaritas).

6. We’re Family

Just to review, you shouldn’t be questioning at this point all the things this city has to do. Even better is, you kind of get used to the parking lot that’s always on 1604; North Star Mall is right smack in the middle of the city; plus you can go to the theme parks we’re lucky enough to have.

If you don’t mind paying a little bit for parking, downtown has so much fun to explore. On top of that, you can ride in the horse carriages, trollies, or of course, plenty of Ubers.

If you’re lucky like me

, maybe you’ll even know someone who lives down there – in my case, my dad – and you’ll have some free parking options! You can do lots of inexpensive things to entertain yourself.

We’ve got family that lives in different parts of the country, and they all at least talk about making the trip here to see what all the fuss is about. Though we’re experiencing tremendous growth, it still feels like my little city.

One of the big reasons a lot of the younger crowd’s making their move to the 210, is this amazing school. There’s so much opportunity to further your education here.

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College Days

I have gone to this school, myself. Whether you’re school-age or not, you should go visit these grounds. There’s been so much built onto it even since I attended.

8. Rodeo

Our city’s identifying function, the rodeo, is fun for the whole family. I’d encourage you to find somewhere to volunteer, to get to meet some great people AND to buy yourself a free entry.

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It’s not for everyone, but definitely something you should go to at least once. I like the family day best! Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing all those cowboys, cowgirls and HORSES at the rodeo?! My youngest hasn’t been yet, but this will likely change by next year!

9. The San Antonio Spurs

I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t mention the greatest NBA basketball team ever, our San Antonio Spurs. Young and old alike flock to the games and events that Los Spurs are in attendance at.

My family has been to some crazy intense games with the Spurs playing..our most memorable had to have been a playoff game that we went into triple overtime in – however, just to go to any live events where you can experience this whole community coming together in support of these fantastic guys, is a real treat. There’s not a whole lot better than hearing the entire family shout “GO SPURS GO!!!” over and over.

10. The Housing Market
My job’s not complete here until I mention the beautiful neighborhoods to choose from for a new home, because you might not know, but besides being a mother, and a blogger, I’m also a Realtor. Have you thought about entering into being a resident of our stunning city? The timing couldn’t be any more perfect and you’re welcome to reach out to me!!

One of our fabulous builders model house
Thanks for always keeping it real, S.A.!

Do you live here in the 210? Ever been? What did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment, to tell me what your experience was like in the comments! And, if you’ve enjoyed my post, just subscribe for more!!

Sold In Canyon Lake, TX 

I have a brand new listing to tell everyone about! It’s a 5 bedroom, 4 full-size bathroom home, with complete remodeling and an impressing display of kitchen appliances. The woods surround the house, and its wraparound decks overlook the most beautiful parts of Canyon Lake. This can only have a positive effect on these hot Texas summers!

The views are without any obstructions, so you can look out over the water. It’s best to explain it visually, as there are no words which could properly describe this gem.

687 Gallagher Dr. Canyon Lake, TX

In addition, there’s a lot directly adjacent to this property, that’s also one of my listings. If someone were thinking of purchasing these two listings together, they’d have just under 3 acres alongside their new retreat-style home.

It goes without mentioning however, purchasing separately would be equally as nice, with just over an acre on each of these lots, still providing plenty of space!

Canyon Lake Neighborhood Facts

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The Woodlands subdivision has a population of roughly 431 residents, with about 84% of the properties owned and lived in, as opposed to rented out. The neighborhood loves this community because of the obvious factor of being right on the lake, but also because of how peaceful and beautiful it is out here.

The common interests found within the people that currently live in this subdivision is being with family and friends, and having a love of traveling.

Find the Best tours, Excursions & Activities with City Discovery

If you or anybody you know is in the market to buy or sell a property, or even if you simply have some questions about the home’s market value, it’d be my honor to assist you throughout this process! You can find my free mobile app here. You’re also welcome to just leave me a comment or send me a message.

12/2017 Update: This beautiful property has been sold! The lot next to it, is still available, however. Contact me for further details!