For Sale In Canyon Lake, TX 

2 Listings in The Woodlands 

A 5 bed 4 full bath renovated home with an impressive display of kitchen equipment has recently been listed. It’s positioned with a wooded area surrounding it, while overlooking the lake – which undoubtedly should affect the hot Texas summers in a positive fashion. The unobstructed views looking out to the water is best explained visually, as no words could properly describe.

687 Gallagher Dr. Canyon Lake, TX

In addition, there’s a lot adjacent to the property above that is listed.
If these two listings were purchased together, it would give the buyer just under 3 acres, for a retreat-style home. Though purchasing separate is just as       nice, with over an acre on each!

Neighborhood Facts

The Woodlands subdivision has a population of roughly 431 residents, with about 84% of the properties owned and lived in, as opposed to rented out. The neighborhood loves this community because of the obvious factor of being right on the lake, but also because of how peaceful and beautiful it is out here. The common interests found within the people that currently live in this subdivision is being with family and friends, and having a love of traveling.

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