How To Get An Expensive Looking Studio On A Budget

My first place was a studio apartment, and it was really quite adorable! I definitely didn’t use it as well as I would now, though. In that particular season of my life, I couldn’t even appreciate my value let alone my living space. Keep reading for suggestions on how to finally make your studio dazzle!

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A Studio Looking Glass


Space savers such as this one for the bathroom, are great for when you’re trying to maximize the square footage you have. In addition, the chic white finish gives it a very expensive and sophisticated feel, plus its convenient for keeping any items that you need in reach.

Shades of Beige

Porcelain Ceramic Candle Holders 3 Piece Set Red Blue Beige Decor


Put beige accents in the furniture because your living space will seem to be bigger with neutral colors, plus it allows you to combine lighter shades of other colors. This particular set of candle holders pairs nicely with a lighter or darker beige, and even reds or blues.

Reading Through the Lines


If you’re needing some assistance giving depth to the space in your studio, adding stripes in your decor will be the perfect solution. And you want to attempt to look for a rug that goes the same direction as the longer side of the room. It immediately widens the space!

Doing It All

Kathy Ireland by Bush Volcano Dusk Small Office with Lateral File Set

First of all, you have to make every amount of space work overtime in a studio. So you might need to fit a small work area in with the dining area. Use your imagination with the room you’ve got to do stuff with!

Some Pieces

Leaves Allover Stencil, Stencils For DIY Wall Decor, DIY Home Decor

You’ll also want to do away with the junk everywhere, and bring on those “expensive” pieces! Accentuate cute little accessories as a part of the studio’s style, and you won’t be able to help yourself from being in awe of the chic home you’re living in.

Left to Interpretation

Tulip Printing Curtain Drapes Sheer Voile Tulle Flower Pattern Window Screening 100*200cm – Pink

Does your place feel like it’s meant for little, teeny elves.. and’re not one? One of my first places felt this way. Attempt using some long and subtle curtains. And let them go out further than they actually need to, because when left to interpretation it’ll give the appearance of being more roomy!

Accept Being Close

Herringbone Loveseat, Eichholtz Camden Loveseat, Black, 35


Good guess, when you live in a studio apartment, either you’re the only one living there or you live with someone who you don’t mind being extra close to. When the place is simply too small for a full set of furniture, then accept just a cozy place the two of you can sit. A sophisticated grey loveseat like this one is a great choice.

Having a Blast With Shelves

Metal Wall Shelves, 2-Piece Set

Have fun putting stuff up when you’re decorating! With the tighter living area, you have to get creative. Like, if a big bookshelf just isn’t feasible..a set of wall shelves at Houzz should compliment the room. Plus, people will think it looks fabulous.

Flower Fun

Bright Floral Teacup Bouquet

So what if your studio won’t exactly fit those lush indoor plants? Give that studio some oxygen, by placing a few room-saving flower bouquets throughout it. Any home, whether it’s a studio or otherwise, appears more expensive with some eye-catching flower petals sitting around.

Use What’s Available to You

Entertainment Center, Shelves, Industrial Entertainment Center


Use your space wisely. It’s awesome that this entertainment center can hold any of the big items, plus give some spots for other things.. and it isn’t humongous at that!

Storage Space Galore

Colorful Large Woven Kaisa Grass Basket With Lid - Lidded Kaisa Basket

Ten Thousand Villages

Since you probably don’t have much room to work with in a studio, utilize attractive decor for storage. Baskets can get hidden next to your furniture, while being a great place for storing blankets. You can also put a bunch of them beside one another, and stick all of your miscellaneous items in them, or put them by the sink to use for replacement items (soap, towels, etc).

Oversize It

Howard Elliott Silas Silver Large Mirror


Some items are typically better big, even when you haven’t got a lot of room. For instance? A simple, yet stylish mirror, set right by the entryway. The most remarkable thing about this piece is, it’s bowed which makes for some pretty cool reflections. Furthermore, it’s the perfect accent to help small areas look larger!

Gold Antique

Gold Forged Etagere Frame Gold Leaf Cross Display Shelves Home Decor


As you’re factoring in the things you want to be larger, imagine them being clear, concise items that you need to have. It doesn’t matter if it’s an elegant display of shelves, as these are or a must-have dresser.


Clementine Ottoman Bench with Casters

GDF Studio

Any home, expensive or modest, needs to be absolutely minimized as much as possible to maintain a classy appearance. Which requires you not owning more than anything necessary to live. Of course, you’ll want a few things near and dear to your heart! What you’re not using, should either be put away or thrown away.

Colorful Decor

20x20“ Floral Embroidered Pillow from the Allure Collection design by Koko Company

Burke Decor LLC

Earlier, I told you that sticking to beige as a color scheme is a good idea. When you do that, putting a few bold pieces throughout the room may work out nice. And, if you choose bold statements with your pillows or throws, make sure you’re complimenting them, using only one neutral shade for the larger items and surrounding decor. What’s important is that you have a right amount of each!

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Canyon Lake Neighborhood Facts

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The Woodlands subdivision has a population of roughly 431 residents, with about 84% of the properties owned and lived in, as opposed to rented out. The neighborhood loves this community because of the obvious factor of being right on the lake, but also because of how peaceful and beautiful it is out here.

The common interests found within the people that currently live in this subdivision is being with family and friends, and having a love of traveling.

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12/2017 Update: This beautiful property has been sold! The lot next to it, is still available, however. Contact me for further details!