How Our Home Became Referred To As The Humane Society

We have 2 fur babies in our house: one dog, Aggie, and a cat, Starr. Hardly the humane society, though we did take both of them in. And when our oldest daughter was going through some difficulties, worrying about having to give up her new baby mini beagle, my heart just broke. I mean, c’mon, that’s my grand-puppy we’re talking about!

My son thought it would be hilarious to see our dog work to get her toy off. Instead, she sat like a statue, appearing quite ticked off.

Now, first of all, let me say that my husband’s a great man. He’s NOT, however, that guy who sees a homeless puppy and feels like he MUST be the one to do something about it. Meaning, when the idea was thrown out for us to add little Bailey to our fur baby crew, it was an emphatic “HELL NO!” or something to that effect. After all, he was making sure everybody understood this was our house, not a haven for strays, and definitely not the humane society. (We’ll save how we got the other 2 pets for a different time.)

We’ve Become The Humane Society

After many tears from our daughter, and even myself, Bailey found her new home. With us in our home. (I told you – he’s just a great man!) He acts like she annoys him all the time..but he cuddles and plays with her on the DL. And when she recently got herself an injury, he’d pick her up and set her in the place she especially likes on our couch.

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Now about daughter number two, who’s living with her boyfriend as of not too long ago, and who’s also talking about a new puppy – my husband stresses that there’ll be NO, none, zip, nada chance of us taking in anymore animals. Zero. At all. 😉

Heh heh. I just adore him.