11 Great Finds For The Deal Hunter

We all probably love finding a good deal, right? I know, it’s also probably a silly question! Hence why it came to me that we might need a post on what’s available currently, after the holiday madness – for all of us deal hunters.

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I’m including myself in the deal hunter category, because I desperately want to be better at it! But..alas, I hate shopping. Ok, wait – that doesn’t sound right. I don’t necessarily hate shopping per se, just shopping in stores! There. Much better.

It’s true. I..am an online shopper! And I’ll occasionally look for some good deals via this channel, but I’m also quite impatient.

Stand back, gentlemen, I’m already taken! No really, I don’t mean to say I’m some..nose-in-the-air troll (do those exist?) or anything, however I’m 100% an impatient introvert. But I keep working on my breathing exercises, to sit through some site perusing and maybe save my family a few extra dollars. What’s funny is – I can sit here for hours, researching for a blog post! Therefore, here’s what I’ve found:

See, I’m really not a nose-in-the-air troll. 😉

Get 10% off this super cute kids tee, or any others, at Buy Cool Shirts. Use coupon code: A10.

Purrfect - Kittens (kids) Youth T-shirt Tee Shirt

Stay warm with this soft knit throw in a solid, bold pattern. The hanging rope-style tassels around the border make it great to keep on top of the bed or couch, for any season.

Camilla Knitted 50x60 Throw Blanket

No Throw-Away Deal

This has three pillows that gives a smooth, comforting feel. They’re also available in several micro-suede colors to choose from.

Blazing Needles 3-Piece Microsuede Pillow Set-Spice – $41.99

from: HomeSquare

Is your little girl ready to sail the high seas? She has her pirate costume, sword and even a treasure map. But does she have her hat yet? Because a great pirate has to have a great hat to match!

Kids Pink Caribbean Pirate Hat

With a spur design on back, these booties will surely inspire that western look you’re going for. They’re a season staple that can be worn with a dress or skinny jeans.

Dolce Vita- Black Stacked Booties w/ Spur Sz 8.5

This watch has a great design, which gives women a fashionably exquisite and comfortable appearance as they wear it. It’s a style that’s tasteful! You can also customize it to go with just about any casual outfit beautifully.

Brand Luxury Women's Watches Red Leather Muticolor Casual Quartz Watch reloj mujer Clock Women Dress Watch Relogio Femiatch

This authentic Louis Vuitton first made its debut for the designer’s 150th anniversary. Made in beige and brown leather, the bag’s features include studs, a side buckle, dual-leather handles and gold-hardware accents. It opens to a canvas with stripes on the interior and a side slip pocket for storing daily essentials.

Louis Vuitton Trianon Poids Plume Toile and Leather PM

First of all, this machine’s extremely convenient to have as a communication tool because of the range of personal and home office applications. It’s a compact and stylish fax that operates well in most typical environments. The memory permits you to store up to 25 pages in it.

Brother Fax 575 Personal And Home Office Plain Paper Machine Copier; 15 Pps - 1107893 - Filing & Organization Machines Multifunction Equipment Supplies
Here’s a lens that never goes out of style. You can get virtually any look you’re striving for with a pair of Stella McCartney sunglasses.

Stella McCartney SM 4050 210013 Round Plastic Sunglasses

Get Back To Being A Wedding Crasher

Guys, I know it must be tiring to skip all of those weddings, funerals and job interviews – simply because you don’t know how to do your necktie. Well you can relax now fellas, thanks to this brilliant “How To Tie A Tie” tie! All of you’re worries will be a thing of the past. It’s stylish, but even more importantly, the simple instructions appear directly on the front of the tie. Just follow the diagrams, and you’ll look as dashing as Blake Shelton on the cover of People. It’s handmade, and comes in a classy see-through box, which makes it a nifty gift for all those needy gentlemen. Furthermore, it’s also quite trendy, to impress people with their good taste – as well as the balls it took to wear it.

How To Tie A Tie Tie

You’ll receive huge discounts with free shipping on all Ugg boots for women, men and kids when you join a power deal at MassGenie. Click the photo below to be taken to the site for additional details.

Uggs Bailey Bow Big Kids Style : 3280y

from: MassGenie

And finally, there you have it! I found these for, what I believe, a great deal. It was actually kinda fun, too – looking around for all of the steals! Maybe I’ll even make my husband smile a little bigger, by trying it around the house more often.

camera cages sales

True Blue Fans

Ok you guys, we’re all in a mourning period here at mí casa. The reason being.. football, for our teams anyway, is over. Consequently, it’s never really over! But, you know..we’re stuck watching the Patriots go likely win yet another Super Bowl. Therefore, one of my next posts is going to be on all the things to get the ultimate sports fan! I take this one very personally, and am working hard putting out the absolute best gifts for us loud freaks-of-nature that tend to get way too into the game. So, be on the lookout for it real soon!

Always Appreciative

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God bless, y’all. XOXOXO ~ Jenn

Avoiding the Bloodsuckers

It’s really a gift to have people in my age group who I can turn to, peers. Those that simply have a desire to share talk about raising children, working on their marriage, and just handling day-to-day life responsibilities. Not the bloodsuckers.

I have people in my life that are at various different stages of their own lives, however, sometimes I really just need the ones that can truly identify at the moment. Based on the state of our world, at this particular point and time.

DISCLOSURE***This post has affiliate links in it, and I’ll receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking them.

These peers are the friendships that I’m able to go to when I require assistance, and the ones who have absolutely zero expectations of getting repaid. Those other type of friendships are what I’m referring to as being bloodsuckers. Because, you see, there’s nothing monetary that’s capable of replacing the unconditional type of love. And the unconditional friendships.

There’s no dollar amount that we can place on the offer of a connection – of my life to someone else’s. A connection made simply because we’re both female, rather than them knowing you might be able to do something for them.

In order to be God’s hands and feet, I have to begin with the seeking out of a person also in need of a friend. And then, I have to stop thinking about myself for a while: my motives, and purpose. I have to begin by falling in love with relationships.

Bacon Soap

That’s hard for me. As many people know, I’m an introvert. And if I’m really being honest, maybe I’m like these bloodsuckers as well…

Not intentionally, of course! But I’ve lacked close friendships for so long, that I almost consider “friends” as my clients and associates from my job. What do they have in common? They’re helping me with getting something!

Bloodsuckers Are Soooo Uncool

That’s not who I want to be, though. Obviously, I hope to have people around that I can have a good time with. However I believe partners to share my life with, and vice versa, in this often very cruel world is much more valuable. It’s who I want to be for others.

“Some friends are fun to be with, but a true friend can be better than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24