How to Get Cash-Back On the Grocery Shopping You Already Do

If I MUST go grocery shopping for my household, I might as well get some perks from it. And especially if it’s ridiculously easy…#nobrainer

So, let me tell you about the way I came across this nugget! There I was, doing my routine scrolling through Pinterest one day, mostly to see if there was any eye-catching pins that gave me some ideas for how to earn a little extra money. That’s when I ran into some awesome info about the Ibotta app.

Grocery Shopping Done Smarter

Can I also just say, I’m kiiiinda pessimistic when people that I actually KNOW tell me about these “amazing apps” they use, let alone when I just read about it on social media! But, that day, I made the decision to look further into it, for whatever reason..and y’all, it’s legit.

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I began using it around the end of October 2016, and I’ve gotten over $80 cash back on my grocery shopping in less than four months!! I’ll take it, too. Cha-ching!

The Scoop

What you do is, scan the “deals” prior to going grocery shopping, see what’s in there for deals, and unlock whatever ones you think you’re going to want. It can also be done after your trip to the store. Sometimes, prior to the offer unlocking, it’ll ask you a random question like “What’s your favorite Ruffles flavor?” Just click whatever answer you want to and..BOOM! It’s good to go.

Annoyingly, and thankfully rarely, there’s a video (like 12 seconds long) on the product. It’ll have to play completely before unlocking the deal, but, whatever – I’m a believer now! 

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Ok, so you’ve hit unlock on all the items..Now, once you get home, hit “verify purchases” as you’re putting the loot away. It brings up a barcode scanner to which you scan the products that you got, so it can verify you got the right items – quick and simple, the way I like it. Last, you snap a pic of your receipt and then press send.

Easy Peasy

Usually, within minutes, I get a notification that they were able to verify the items and there’ll be a credit to my Ibotta profile with the new balance. Once you have a minimum of $20, you can transfer into your PayPal account or request a gift card. Once it’s in my Paypal, I transfer to my bank.

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Now..a quick plug: If you click on my link for the Ibotta app, you’ll get $10 AFTER you use it for the first time (has to be within 2 weeks – but if you don’t go grocery shopping for that long, we need to talk). That’s the part people sometimes trip up on. They download the app and say “AHA! I knew it was too good to be true. No $10 credit.” Slow your roll, Negative Nancy! You gotta use it. Go buy a pack of gum (which is usually one of the items you can find on there), scan your receipt and you’ll get a message about the credit! I’ll then a $5 credit in my account. After you use it, you’ll get a referral link to market to your peeps, too!

My Link!!

Be sure to let me know how you like it! Oh. And – you’re welcome.