Quit Making Me Mom Every Single Day! Or I’m Telling!

Once you’ve got a child, you’ve lost all chance of being a woman who has no worries. Might as well accept that those days are finito. They’re yours, your theirs..forever!

And sometimes, that kind of annoys me.

Starts 5/15 At 8AM EST- While Supplies Last! So, I mean, is it just me as a mom, or do you too have a dream (or three) of the day when you’ll only have yourself to worry about, no kids to constantly take care of? Ok, well maybe not “day”, more like just a few hours? With the only thing racing through my mind being what I have to accomplish? Just for me..silly as that may sound? That’s not really a choice anymore though, is it? And I AM all too aware that.

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But it still kinda irritates me sometimes. 

So, let’s talk about what we’re STILL trying to get a grasp on as being just a part of our normal Mom routines, shall we? Things like – 

ETA? Um…How About 2 hrs. Past NEVER. I’ve always been a bit of a “Hitler” about leaving the house on time for things. So, I’m not what you’d call – patient. Talk about dragging your fingernails slowly down a chalkboard; and with my youngest? AND my husband to wait on?? Good God! I’m a hot, stinkin’ mess once that car’s finally moving.
Some of you mothers know nothing about what it is that I’m preaching on. Simply because, your rare breed seems to have all of your wits about you when you’re arriving to your destination (with prettily painted fingernails to boot!!).

However – and I’m just taking a shot in the dark here – we’re going to go ahead and assume that you, too, have to go through similar checklists to even make it out the door; this mom has to have the babydoll at all times, a device for the YouTube videos to get watched on, a sweater – just in case it gets cold in 99 degree weather, oh!, and an extra drink..because, you know it’s not a true adventure without making at least TWO restroom stops. (My next vehicle MAY have some kind of port-a-potty contraption in it, I’m just sayin’.)

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Pro-Mom Tip: Forgotten Necessities. “Oh dang, hon, I forgot the stinkin’ milk.” Grab the purse, iPhone (and charger), then book it. Sometimes, if for nothing else, just to prove – to myself – that I still have the ability to keep my head on straight when leaving the house.
And for those 25 minutes, y’all..boyyyy howdy! I am THAT girl. You know..that one who’s living freely, and not the frazzled mom back in reality world? Or, at least in my mind I pretend to be. And you can bet your sweet bottom that I’m getting back home RIGHT on that 25 minute dot! Mhmm. Because, pfft, I don’t have hold-ups making just ME late, no siree, Bob! #bossstatus

Date Nights. Looking back, I really spent a helluva lot of time beautifying myself for date nights! You know? The days when we’d 100% drink too much, and party too hard; resulting in skipped classes at the college, and calling into work that next day. When we also had the chance to sleep it off, if anything, just (maybe) waking up in spurts. Remember those crazy, irresponsible days? “Baby, come back!”
Back then, there was no having to PLAN ahead, to then PLAN a day and time with someone trustworthy, someone who’s willing and able to offer this mom and dad a little reprieve.
Ahh. To be able to do what you want, when you want it! That’s not really something that you ever think about losing. Yes, yes…I completely get that my youngest eventually won’t require as much of our time (ha! Lies BTW..all lies!!) however, right now I’m beat. 

Pro-Mom Tip: Taking the time that’s available. These little moments might be when the kids are home; at the times they’re busy doing something in their room..for however short of time that is. However – those uninterrupted few minutes, of being able to converse with my husband, is something I now understand should never go wasted!
We’ve had some nights where our first real conversation’s of the day in our bed, when all the lights are out and the kids are in their beds, to just catch up on each other. I can’t stress the importance of this, because for me, it’s a way of feeling our souls still connect on a mental level. That brings a sense of peace to my heart. 

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Missing Me. I don’t think this longing is mentioned quite as much as the others, maybe because it could come off as a tad needy or selfish? Who knows? But missing who I am (or was, because I’m sure I’ve changed) as an individual, NOT as a mother, is something I believe that most moms have felt.
Now, I do get those school-day hours to be without the youngest child (which begs the question of “WTH were you doing by signing up as a room mom?!”), but the times when I do get “mommy freedom” – well, it’s not really for mommy per se. That is, if you’re still trying to earn a living!!

ALL of “my time” during the school-days will typically be spent on marketing my real estate business: working on obtaining more clients, showing homes to buyers, running market reports for sellers, following up by emails and phone calls, while constantly checking on how much time I have until I need to be at the school for the final bell. The hours seem to speed by, and there never seems to be enough of them to get what needs to be accomplished completely finished.
We won’t even mention (honestly, because I can’t remember) the last time I got my hair done. Not being able to focus completely, on whatever it is that I’m doing, is just a normal part of life these days. I mean, focusing is kind of hard to do when there’s constantly clocks ticking in your brain!
OH, but my brain…it endures so much. God help me, if one day it chooses to fail on me. 

Pro-Mom Tip: One Day at a Time. As I go through everything that’s required to get done for the day: my work, home stuff, kids stuff, pet stuff, etc. – this brain of mine has started searching for ways to get it all done, with the least amount of stress possible! I’m much more aware of things that I do with my time, so that I’m able to make the absolute most out of my minutes in the day.
Very rarely will you catch me in an “Oops! I just mindlessly spent way more time on social media than I intended to” moment. Instead of just “yessing” it up to everyone, I’ll think through whether I’m successfully setting myself up to complete the request in the time that I have available.

I appreciate the other agents in my profession who are able to identify with me on this, too. Because, like in any other job, there’s those who will make comments about whether there’s true commitment if you’re always pulling the family card.
Just in case I need to make it a little more clear for anyone, for where I’m concerned: MY priorities will always fall in the direct order of God, Family, Career. They each have significant importance in my life, but certainly not equal importance.
And guess what, y’all? If I came upon a potential client who didn’t understand these priorities, I’d happily refer them to another agent! One just as fantastic (well..close enough anyway šŸ˜‰ and more suitable for their requirements. ‘Nuff said.
To close this unintentional rant, it’s gotta be said, that I’ve been extremely blessed with the majority of my clients! There has been NO question of my work ethic, and I’m humbled to call most of them friends now. #micdrop

My (Too) Thin Figure. The craziest thing I think I’m able to laugh at now, is the way that my current body’s not as..shall we say, easily molded as it once was. Kinda like everything else that you lose control of when you enter motherhood, I suppose!
The desire to be the “perfect” weight still exists..based on much healthier perspectives of what “perfect” entails. I don’t feel bad at all about wanting to look – and feel – good!
The small things I do to work towards this might seem like a waste of time to the outside viewer, but for me, these small things can make all the difference. The days I have more work to do from the computer, I might wear my yoga pants. So that I’m able to do comfortable stretching and leg lifts, in between or while doing my tasks. I’ll use up every bit of muscle strength I have in the “small stuff”, too! I’m finishing those damn reps, yo.
I try to take time to fix myself up, not to where it’s a job getting ready, but to where I feel…kinda beautiful? Bonus: having a life partner who never fails to make me feel as if I’m anything other than attractive – even through some of my most hideous days! 

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Pro-Mom Tip: Facing Reality. Whether it’s taking a little bit of unexpected money that comes in to use for buying a new accessory, or getting a new pair of jeans because I’ve finally lost a few pounds, I have to choose nice treats for myself every now and then. A teeny boost for the ego never hurt anyone! Small rewards make me beam with pride at my accomplishments. Taking care of myself and striving to be more fit helps a lot when you get frequent physical reminders that, like it or not, you are getting older. BUT breaking the bank’s never a good solution! However, getting things that I already need, and doing so in helping me to keep my motivation up, is part of me taking care of myself. So, splurge on the manicure occasionally, ladies! Don’t feel bad about getting that yummy plate of Chinese food for yourself before everyone gets home. It’s ok to have a rare indulgence in peace!

I couldn’t possibly name all the blessings that go hand-in-hand with mothering. It literally saved my life, from the way I see it – even though I try my best not to wring their little necks on some days. HaHa! The reality is, I’m never going to have things back from the life of pre-4 children days. I’m always going to be a mother! No matter how old they get. And I’ll admit – go ahead, you can too – I really despise some of the things that motherhood brings with it sometimes. Don’t bother trying to convince me to just love it all. Because if you do, well then, I’m telling!

I’m focusing my vision these days on the beauty found in the Kindergarten art and bedtime stories! I mean. Why focus on the walls that have been colored on and fit-throwing?

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I’d love to hear your own stories of surviving motherhood!

How have you gotten a grasp on your day-to-day routines? HAVE you gotten a grasp? Share the love with me in the comments about it! Keep mommin’, girls! You’re doing great! Xoxoxo
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