Pretty and Wonderful

It’s a pretty fantastic gesture to stop whatever’s going on, and thank your mom once in a while. And if you’re a husband, you can do this for your wife as well, since she’s the mother to your children. I mean, come on, let’s think about this for a second. How might they react to you, if you were to let them know how much you love them? And if you were to tell them, that you’re thankful for them being such a blessing to you, when you were growing up?

I’m also a mom, both of young kids, and kids who are already grown, living on their own. So, I know firsthand how much of a blessing it’d be to receive validation such as this! It’s an amazing compliment when your adult kids express themselves in this way. Moms can get down on ourselves sometimes, you know! We actually feel a lot of concern at times, because we wish you could’ve had different experiences.

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“The natural state of MOTHERHOOD IS UNSELFISHNESS. When you become a mom, you’re no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” Jessica Lange

Moms’ sacrifice themselves to be caregivers for their children, who began as tiny seeds put inside them. We have to make quite a bit of changes in our lives, sometimes. And, for those nine to ten months, we wait for our babies to get the opportunity to hold these precious little gifts in our arms. And we make a promise that we’ll protect them from harm.

“A mother’s love for her child, is like nothing else in this world. It knows no laws, no pity; it dares all things, and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” Agatha Christie

Pretty Straightforward

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We mean the promise that we make, too. Because he’ll hath no fury, like a mama protecting her babies! It’s a love like no other. And it’s a feeling we wouldn’t trade for anything, even if we were never to hear any of those sweet sentiments.

Discipline, Integrity And Hope

The best lessons for building our integrity are learned from the trials that we go through. I’ve had to face my share of difficulties; and I suppose it’s a necessary part to the whole life experience. Building our integrity, through discipline, brings hope.

Part of the growing process that comes from these difficulties, is having to work our way through them. At first, it seems like a hopeless task. And we certainly don’t get through it independently! But for the grace of God.

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All these things, as true as they are, still don’t make what I’m going to say next, less bittersweet. I’m not doing my kids any favors – in fact, I could end up stunting their growth – when I attempt to play Supermom and rescue them. As human beings we’re prone to making mistakes, and we have to learn from them.

“But that’s my job – It’s my purpose!” Yes, I know that’s what we train ourselves to believe, but we cannot be more wrong. I don’t allow them the gift of seeing they can overcome their hardships without Mommy taking over. They’ll never have an opportunity to see that they don’t have to fear failure. Messing up isn’t something to be afraid of; it just provides an opportunity to keep trying.


A Habit Of Hope

Hope requires some practicing. Once it has become a habit, it’s possible to attain true joy. While they shouldn’t always be reliant on me to get them through difficulties, they will always have a guide in God. That IS His purpose!

He’ll never let them down, because He loves them and will continue filling their hearts with His love.