Fur Babies:”This Isn’t the Humane Society!”

My son thought it would be hilarious to see our dog work to get her toy off. Instead, she sat like a statue, appearing quite ticked off.

We already had 2 fur babies: one dog and a cat. So, when our oldest daughter was going through a difficult time and was afraid she’d have to give up her new, baby mini beagle, my heart broke. I mean, c’mon, it’s my grand-puppy!

Now, let me say, my husband’s a great man. He’s NOT, however, that guy who sees the homeless puppy and feels he MUST do something about it. Meaning, when the idea was thrown out for us to add Bailey to the fur babies crew, it was an emphatic “HELL NO!” or something like that. After all, he wanted to make sure everybody understood this was our house, and not a haven for strays. (We’ll save how we got the other 2 pets for a different time.)

After many tears from Lyss and I, Bailey found her new home. (I told you – great man!) He acts like he’s annoyed with her..all the time..but he does cuddle and play with her on the DL. And when she recently injured herself, he’d pick her up to set her on the special place she likes on our couch.

Now, about that 2nd daughter who has moved out and is talking about a new puppy…It HAS been stressed, there will be NO chance we’re taking in anymore dogs. None. At all. 😉