The Perfect Husband

There aren’t any perfect husbands in the world, ladies! I hate to be the one to break it to ya. Instead, there are simply men who have quite a few flaws, and make a great deal of mistakes.

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This is a good thing, though! Because now we don’t have to feel inferior to them, with all of our imperfections. Another benefit of their being way less than perfect, is that it provides us an opportunity to learn to love them in the ways we never knew were possible.

The definition of a perfect man is a mysterious being, which can only be found in fictional material. And then there’s Jesus. Look at it this way, we get the experience of showing grace under our belts.

Is that so bad? I’m sorry I brought you back to reality. But we women, well frankly, we need to learn about contentment! Learn to be thankful for our husbands great qualities.

So often, we find the things we’d like to change in our husbands, and continue to harp on them to fix it or refer back to it in the middle of an escalating conversation. Yeah, I see you there, wifey. Yet, then we fly off the handle if they’re quick to respond by pointing out something less than positive about us! No, Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist, but neither does the Mrs.

The best of marriages still include both husbands and the wives slipping up from time to time. But the marriage can still be perfect..when you continue forgiving each other for being imperfect! You can still have a wonderful life, without striving for him or anything else to be just right.


A Perfect Day

Each morning, I wake up and have lots of really awesome goals for the day. On a perfect day, I’ll accomplish all of them! The rest of the time, I’ll give myself grace for getting done what I could. FYI: I’ve yet to have a perfect day! Which is perfectly fine.

If you fall in love, then spend years together, only to part ways because of each other’s flaws..the irreparable damage done might very well haunt you forever. Because there’s going to come a time, maybe after another imperfect relationship or two fails, when you realize your expectations might have been completely unrealistic. Rather than continuing the very pointless search, let’s work on the relationships with the husbands we’ve got!

I have a feeling..they’re not so terrible. And God’s still working on them – just like He’s doing with us.

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This Goes Out to You, Mr. Husband: All For One, One For All

Dear Mister Husband,

DISCLOSURE***This post has some affiliate links within it, and these will provide me with a compensation, should you make any purchases after clicking on them.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder. So consider this yours, Mister: Look in on the Mrs. every once in a while, just to see how she’s doing. On both an emotional and physical level. It’s possible she’s barely hanging on, however she just isn’t saying it to you out loud. She very well may not even realize it herself. Us ladies like to soak in everyone else’s problems, which leads to us losing some of our light. She’s probably so good at all that she does, you wouldn’t even suspect that she doesn’t “got this”. However, no one can keep moving the way we do forever. Make sure you’ve got her in this area, ok? She’s really not Superwoman, you know? It’s probably a good thing, too. Because our world needs a lot of saving. Just build her back up from time to time.

She shouldn’t be doing it all, attempting to be all your family’s everything. It’ll not fare well for you, Mister – you’ll get the bulk of the eventual wrath.

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If someone’s dealing with a lot of stress, they might get a little bit cranky, friends. If she feels like she can’t breathe, she’s going to break – probably over your head – very soon, Mister. When you don’t stop to think about what’s best for her, she ain’t going to be getting all sexy for you either, ya know? You ever hear that quote: sometimes you hurt so much, you become used to it. Don’t let her get used to it. When the Mrs. starts getting overly pessimistic, it’s a good guess she’s running on “E”.

Look Around The House, Mister

We’ve all likely got bunches of beautiful hangings on our walls with sayings about family, or maybe even Scripture. Those always come down to an “all for one, one for all” kinda deal. Meaning we’ve all got each other’s backs. Things we’re hanging in our homes say this. Remember, “When you love someone you protect them from pain, you don’t become the cause of it.”

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Pretty straight forward, right? Protect what God trusts you with.

Pulse Check

Double check that she’s getting enough breaks. Let her be alone for sometimes, just to relax her shoulders, because we tend to tense up.

Definitely make sure that she’s got some minutes in the day – EACH day – to read her Bible. Her weeks may be so full of stuff, that her brain feels like it’s rattling.

Take 5

Let this tired lady breathe. When she’s falling apart, help her out a little more.

If she’s yelling at you nonstop, then look at what you cannot see for a change. She might just be so exhausted that she can hardly see straight.

There’s No “I” in Team

This is a group effort, guys. Have you forgotten to be a part of it? Will she turn to you when she’s feeling overwhelmed? Should it be a yes, then GOOD ON YOU MATE. Should that not be the case, then stop the whining, about how things are so much harder in your relationship nowadays, yada yada.

Have a conversation about all she’s got going on, to see ways you might be able to take some of the load off. We ladies just have a knack for over-scheduling ourselves.


We’re the bomb at doing multiple things at once! However, when we hit that wall, we hit it hard. Remove the superhero mask she’s wearing, toss it over your shoulder (and then pick it up). Ask her to please take a break.

Remind her that she shouldn’t be overdoing it all the time. Tell her to go sit in a quiet room to do whatever she pleases.

Mister, Nobody’s Asking You to Be Jesus

Though it’s not your job to save her, it IS your duty to keep her safe. You’re the only man of royalty in her life, or at least on this earth. You’re the biggest influence of her world.

Allowing this chance to pass you by would be a damn shame. If you’re good at loving this woman, your value increases tremendously in her eyes.

Put Her First

When you make your wife a priority, she’ll trust you with her life. She’ll truly be the happiest woman in the world.

Down to our souls, everybody wants to be loved and to be loved well. Our desire’s to know we’ve been important to someone else’s life.

What An Effort!

And women, we really like to know that our husbands notice all we do. It’s a motivator for us to keep pressing onward. Motivate your Mrs.!

Stare into that beautiful soul. Check if it still shines.

Another Pulse Check

See how she’s doing again. Always remember, she needs your prayers. Run the race right beside her. Don’t let your friendship disappear. You may be the only one that she’s got left, with the busyness in life. When she’s grumpy, it means that she’s probably getting a little tired of fighting that good fight. Everyone has to stop to enjoy their life every now and then. That means your wife, too. Her life wasn’t meant to be the family’s servant nonstop. And actually, there was a time that she was just a little-bitty princess. Years have gone by, however the things that she wished for are probably still there in her heart. There’s no doubt she has made many sacrifices, for you and your children. Cherish this, however she must be able to take some breathers. God made this woman to serve His purpose, not to serve yours.

Not Trying to Be Cold

It’s not my intention to come off as cruel here, however it’s crucial to tend to things your wife requires. Otherwise she might burn out on tending to things you require. Funny how it all comes back full circle, isn’t it? Kinda cool, actually.

Go lift your wife up to God. And pay attention. Start with the first thing though.

To Him Be the Glory,

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