Attention: A True Gift

Re-learning how to pay attention to the people who I cherish the most is an act of love. Everyone, including myself, wants the people their closest with listening – and I mean really listening – to them, noticing the things about them that doesn’t require a word.

It can cause major relationship transformations if I commit to re-learning a very important skill, such as this one. Attention to detail is a way to show someone I really care for them. Sure, I can hear things, while I’m busy doing a gazillion other things but stopping to see their face, what might be getting left unsaid – that’s truly valuable.

It gives me a greater chance of truly living a life full of joy. It’s a gift that doesn’t cost me anything either, but worth so very much!

I adore the people in my life, and I grimace at the thought of them questioning the love I have for them. Changing this bad habit is worth them not having to doubt that. It’s completely selfish of me to put my attention on anything else, especially as they’re attempting to communicate with me!

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Because I’m also then leaving something unsaid. “I’m very busy, but go ahead, speak. Trust me, I can hear you.” How arrogant.

It’s my duty – as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, any role I have in a relationship – to feel humble that they’d even want to communicate with me. But also to put what they’re needing from me in that moment, ahead of any other obligation. They’re my priority in those situations! No additional questions are necessary.

Attention to Pray

So my prayer is that my family will know each day how special they are to me. I ask God to help us constantly make one another understand we’re loved and valuable. In Jesus name, Amen.

Beloved Children

I’m a mama, and if one of my children were misbehaving or out of control, I’d never allow them to continue going down such a self-destructive path. Eventually, they’ll become adults on that path, adding a whole other level of danger.

As a parent, we need to apply our best judgement in their disciplinary actions. It needs to be done in such a way that’ll help them with learning to decipher right from wrong. Just grounding our children and taking away their belongings, while that’s fine some of the times, it only resolves the issue temporarily.

“You’re children of God, and He speaks words of comfort to you. You’ve forgotten these words…‘My child, don’t think the Lord’s discipline is worth nothing, and don’t stop trying when He corrects you.’”
Hebrews 12:5

After initially handling the problem, I always make sure my children know I still love them. It’s actually because I love them, they must incur a consequence. They’ll always be my babies, though. And nothing could ever change how I feel.

DISCLOSURE***This post has some affiliate links within it, and these will provide me with a compensation, should you make any purchases after clicking on them.

I can’t help but see the similarities between me behaving as a responsible mom, and God always being the perfect Father. He helps me in my life, by forcing me to deal with consequences of my actions. It’s not something that should be just – POOF! – taken away. This would teach nothing!

A Loving Father To His Children

Because even though God “helps” me by allowing my consequences, I’m always going to be His daughter, and He’ll never change the way He feels about me. It’s an encouragement to my faith, as well. Though some stuff can be uncomfortable to face up to, I know He has the power to say “when” it’s enough, and He will.