Sold In Canyon Lake, TX 

I have a brand new listing to tell everyone about! It’s a 5 bedroom, 4 full-size bathroom home, with complete remodeling and an impressing display of kitchen appliances. The woods surround the house, and its wraparound decks overlook the most beautiful parts of Canyon Lake. This can only have a positive effect on these hot Texas summers!

The views are without any obstructions, so you can look out over the water. It’s best to explain it visually, as there are no words which could properly describe this gem.

687 Gallagher Dr. Canyon Lake, TX

In addition, there’s a lot directly adjacent to this property, that’s also one of my listings. If someone were thinking of purchasing these two listings together, they’d have just under 3 acres alongside their new retreat-style home.

It goes without mentioning however, purchasing separately would be equally as nice, with just over an acre on each of these lots, still providing plenty of space!

Canyon Lake Neighborhood Facts

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The Woodlands subdivision has a population of roughly 431 residents, with about 84% of the properties owned and lived in, as opposed to rented out. The neighborhood loves this community because of the obvious factor of being right on the lake, but also because of how peaceful and beautiful it is out here.

The common interests found within the people that currently live in this subdivision is being with family and friends, and having a love of traveling.

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12/2017 Update: This beautiful property has been sold! The lot next to it, is still available, however. Contact me for further details!