The Shocking (Yet Accurate) People Who Mislead Our Kids

Educators have the ability to mislead our kids. It may be completely unintentional, but it does happen. They naturally will share things that are a matter of opinion, and never even realize they’re leading them astray.

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Some of the laws we have, simply aren’t appropriate either and they’re way overdue for some changes. Like the fact that, it’s “our body” and we can do anything we want with it, while still legally having the choice to forego any consequences. And finally, even people within the church will mislead sometimes, without any intentions to no doubt. They share things from the understanding they have of it.

Leaders Mislead

First of all, what’s important for us to realize is that the most influential person we base our worth on needs to be Jesus. It’s part of our calling, to mimic Him while walking this life.

Anybody else will simply have flaws, when He never changes. It’s completely natural to grow, becoming different throughout the years. I know I have! It also happens to every other person that exists. Which means, what we pass on through our words today, we may not even agree with in another ten years! Not so, with Jesus. Unchanging, unwavering, without imperfections..only Him.

Blending Together

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” Jimmy Carter

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Love All Of ‘Em

Do you have friends, or just people you know, who seem to really enjoy their lives? I do. It’s a pretty awesome thing to see how they love on those that have been around them.

We need more people to love like this in our world. All of these hateful, mean-spirited things we wake up to, it’s an awful lot to swallow! I never want to get used to that way of life.

This Is My Kind of Normal

Then I get the opportunity to see one of these beautiful people, with their warm eyes and joyful smiles, and that’s when I know I’m seeing Jesus. I see it in how they show their neighbors His love, as He’s told us to do.

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My heart fills with thanks, for them being bright lights in an otherwise cold and dark world. They’ve given me the motivation to be more like them, too. Our world needs me to be more like them!

What Jesus Wouldn’t Do

I do that by putting no conditions on my kindness, and by not being judgemental of others acts whatsoever. This is the way I can pay it forward for what Jesus gave me. He didn’t wait for me to become worthy enough to pay the price for my faults. Instead, He just did it.

He didn’t say “Now, Jennifer, if you show me you’re able to get your act together, I’ll show you the greatest love that you’ll ever have”, or “Dang girl, you’re really kinda sketchy. Let me just check back on you later, k?”

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Thank You, Lord

I’m particularly grateful that He didn’t take this route, since its been just 11 years ago that I made the decision to turn my life over to Him. The fact is, I wasn’t choosing to just be a non-believer. I also was mocking Him, by smugly poking fun at beliefs I couldn’t yet comprehend.

In all His grace, though…His heart was breaking for the way mine broke. All the while, He still was there as my guide, ready to take me onto much greater things. And now I’m here, still unbelievably imperfect and occasionally a hot mess, but 150% sold out for Him!

The Love of a Follower

We, as believers, have faith we must talk about with others. It’s necessary for us to look past the masks, and to see what’s really going on under the hood of their lives! It’s hard to do, at least for me, because my introvert nature’s simply fine with saying “You good? Cool, see ya then!”, and move on to the next.

I’ve got to be intentional about diving deeper, or the weather-talk conversations are exactly what’ll take place! My goal’s not to be cold and heartless – not in the least, but it’s what I’ve got embedded inside me.

A New Life

So, I’m really making an effort to change all of the old patterns, and how I’ve always gone about things! Starting immediately. As a matter of fact, after my football game was over yesterday, I took my daughter to the park to play before the sun went down.

We were the only ones there at first, which is what I usually prefer, even though I also want her to have kids to play with! Because as you moms know, the playmate ends up being yours truly, if she doesn’t. So, we were hiding some of her little character figures she brought, and another vehicle pulls into the parking lot.

They’re Hereeee!

The doors open up, and a Dad with his kids comes over our direction. He says hello, but not a “Hi, I’m just being polite, and I’ll kindly leave you be now” type. No, it was more of a “Hi, I’m a talker and I’ll be back in a sec” hi. Yeah…I know the difference in my greetings. I’m a people watcher, you know, so it’s noticeable to me and really very easy to pick up on.

I didn’t exactly wanna tell my daughter we had to go, since we had only gotten there five minutes earlier. So then, time to suck it up, buttercup!

Don’t Make Eye Contact

Sure enough, thanks to my chatty-Cathy child, who was asking about a billion questions and not taking a breath to let them answer – Dad came back over my way. After a few friendly, short responses to his attempt at having a conversation, I all of a sudden had a memory flash of my earlier resolve to love thy neighbors more. Argh.

Well we could at least start slowly, and luckily I had my sunglasses on (an introvert never leaves home without them), so I began asking how long they had been in the area. Then I went into telling him how I’m a realtor, answering a couple of questions he had about the local market. We were only talking for like five minutes, when he’d begin to tell me he had got into his new place not two hours ago. The reason for this was because he and his wife were separating, and this was the first time he had the kids since moving out.

A Clearer Picture

Now I just gotta say, in that tiny bit of information he’d offer up, I was able to see so many things differently! The fact of how his kids weren’t leaving dads side initially, and when my daughter was talking about her daddy back at home how they’d seem a little sad. Our world’s hurting tremendously right now, folks, and sometimes it just takes our ears to hear a few details so that our eyes can open to see it.

The fact is, I’m not gonna tell you how I led this man in prayer, or anything like that because I didn’t. We didn’t get into any of that, but I can say, that I felt a little bit of peace – and also some heartbreak, as I was listening to this individual with a lot of hard stuff on his mind. All I could really offer him at the moment, was a kind smile. And a few gentle words to his kids. As I was going to leave, I was able to wish them the best and express my hope for their situation to turn out well. There may have been more I could’ve said, maybe even done, but it was a start.

Seeing Christ

I have no idea if they were able to see some of Jesus in me that evening. My hope is, that they did. Because, just for a moment, He had given me His eyes to see. In this brief moment of time, I could hear with His ears. And with those moments, my heart was breaking in the same way His does.

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8 NLT