Discipline, Integrity And Hope

The best lessons for building our integrity are learned from the trials that we go through. I’ve had to face my share of difficulties; and I suppose it’s a necessary part to the whole life experience. Building our integrity, through discipline, brings hope.

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Part of the growing process that comes from these difficulties, is having to work our way through them. At first, it seems like a hopeless task. And we certainly don’t get through it independently! But for the grace of God.

All these things, as true as they are, still don’t make what I’m going to say next, less bittersweet. I’m not doing my kids any favors – in fact, I could end up stunting their growth – when I attempt to play Supermom and rescue them. As human beings we’re prone to making mistakes, and we have to learn from them.

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“But that’s my job – It’s my purpose!” Yes, I know that’s what we train ourselves to believe, but we cannot be more wrong. I don’t allow them the gift of seeing they can overcome their hardships without Mommy taking over. They’ll never have an opportunity to see that they don’t have to fear failure. Messing up isn’t something to be afraid of; it just provides an opportunity to keep trying.


A Habit Of Hope

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Hope requires some practicing. Once it has become a habit, it’s possible to attain true joy. While they shouldn’t always be reliant on me to get them through difficulties, they will always have a guide in God. That IS His purpose!

He’ll never let them down, because He loves them and will continue filling their hearts with His love.

Sharing In Joy, While Waiting…

Listening to others’ stories of joy – Do you leave feeling hopeful? Or hopeless?

“Find joy in the ordinary.” Unknown

***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Have you heard some of the stories that play on the radio stations or local news, about random people who are getting their home paid off? They have no idea who did it or how it was done; they just receive a statement in the mail, saying that their mortgage was paid for!

I seem to hear these awesome stories a lot these days. The most recent scenario I listened to was about a local couple who won an amazing trip to a beautiful tropical getaway on one of the morning talk shows on the radio. 

Now, I’ll admit that I do feel a little ashamed sharing this. I actually found myself getting down!

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There I was, questioning the fairness of others getting stuff that I’d wanted for myself. Selfish much?

Oh! But not only were these joyful individuals getting rewarded, they were getting it without having to do anything?! Except submit an entry!

To deny I was feeling discouraged, would be futile. I actually let myself, even if it was briefly, get negatively affected by somebody else’s joy! 


Stop dreaming of being someone else! Find joy in being you!

As I said, I feel awful about having this kind of reaction! Things like having a debt paid for you and winning an all-expense paid getaway are blessings.

First of all, like it can only happen once in the first place, right?! People win these trips once a week, through various different channels.

Ultimately though, I hate the fact that it caused me to feel less than hopeful for something just as great ever happening for me in my own life. Better yet, how about not even having it happen? Instead, how about just being able to do all of these things for myself? Bag waiting for it to be won

I hate losing hope, and frankly it really IS unnecessary. I mean, you never know. I just may be that next story you hear! Nothing wrong with imagining that dream becoming a reality! Am I right?

Being thrilled with and for people about the blessings they receive in their lives is completely possible WHILE remaining hopeful for the best that life has to offer me. Obviously, we’ve already have been abundantly blessed! 

Whatever comes next, well it’s probably going to be so amazing, that I should just not even bother trying to fathom what it’s gonna be anyway! Meanwhile, I choose to praise all of the blessings I have today.

I can continue praising blessings that other people may be hopeful for in THEIR own lives, too. Share the joy, friends!

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