Cash-Back On Grocery Shopping You’re Already Doing

If I MUST go grocery shopping for my household, I might as well get a perk from it. And it’s ridiculously easy too, so yeah…

There I was, doing my routine scrolling on Pinterest one day (mostly to see if there was anything eye-catching on how I could earn a little bit of extra money). That’s when I bumped into some info on this Ibotta app.

Can I just say too, I’m kiiiinda a pessimist when people I actually KNOW tell me about “amazing apps” that they use; let alone, just reading about it on social media! But, I looked into it for whatever reason that day..and y’all, it’s legit.

I started around the end of October and have gotten over $80 cash back!! I’ll take it. Cha-ching!

You scan the “deals” prior to going on your grocery run; see what’s in there, unlock whatever ones you want. This can be done after the trip also. Sometimes, before the offer unlocks it’ll ask you some random question, like “What’s your favorite Ruffles flavor?” Just click the answer you want and..BOOM! It’s unlocked.

Annoyingly, and thankfully rarely, there’s a video (like 12 seconds long) on the product. It’ll have to play completely before the unlocking, but whatever – I’m a believer now! 

Ok, so you’ve got your deals unlocked..Now, when you get home, hit “verify purchases” as you’re about to put the loot away. It’ll brings up the barcode scanner, to which you scan the products, verifying you have the right item – quick and simple, just the way I like it. Last, you snap a pic of the receipt and press send.

Usually, within a couple minutes, I get a notification that all is verified and the money is credited to my Ibotta profile. Once you have $20 you can transfer to your PayPal account and then your bank.

Now..a quick plug: If you click on my link for the Ibotta app, you will get $10 AFTER using it the first time (has to be within 2 weeks – but if you don’t go grocery shopping for that long, we need to talk & I will be in awe). I will get $5 added to mine. You’ll be able to do this with your peeps too!

My Link!!

Be sure and let me know how you like it! And – you’re welcome.