Gift Guide: The Gifts That Keep Giving

Hello again, beauties! It’s time for another gift guide! And this time, we’re going to be looking at the gifts that keep on giving. Not only are these fun things to have, but they’re usually pretty convenient to have around, too!

Sometimes we end up giving these really sweet, and thoughtful gifts but, after a month (tops) – we can’t even remember where we’re keeping them. While any gift should be appreciated, why not make them useful also? So, let’s just dive right into these babies!

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Getting Started

1) While any subscription box, customized to the recipient’s liking would be a good choice..who the heck doesn’t like coffee?! Now, this is also coming from a self-professed java addict (and former Barista, too), so try imagining my utter look of horror when someone tells me it’s totally not their jam. But…alas, I digress.

So, the Bean Box Coffee Gourmet Sampler offers you free shipping, plus the coffee beans ship freshly roasted. This company also gives their customers amazing service, which is always a fantastic thing! It would make a great gift for any coffee lovers. For a 3-month gourmet coffee subscription, you get 3 boxes of beans – one for every month.

2) Ok if I’m going to be absolutely honest, the first time my mom made the suggestion that I try this..roll-on peppermint oil, for my migraines, I did a usual eye-roll thing about her self-healing remedies. But, she was forceful and came dabbing some of it on my temples (and just under my nose). It actually gave me relief! From then on, my kids and I have been using it for their allergies, and my headaches. I’m a believer, y’all! Hallelujah. Actually, I really AM a believer – in much greater things than essential oils too, however.

The essential oils box holds ALL the oils you can own!

Up to 37 bottles (each sold separately), to be precise, of various types and sizes. It’s perfect to start growing your own collection of essential oils, and it’s in style – with unique little details, like only solid natural wood can provide. The handcraft natural wood design looks great on any countertop, dresser or desk!

3) Quilting..well, it’s just not my forte! But for lots of other people, it absolutely is. They seem to get some sort of relaxation, and feeling of accomplishment from it, so I say “Do your thing!”

The various quilting strips here, are from designer Heather Bailey. The shipment comes with (40) 2.5-inch by 44-inch fabric strips.

4) Well, duh, you guys –

if we’re going to talk about gifts that keep on giving, then I’d be remiss by not mentioning some good ol’ comfy underoos! Wouldn’t I? But seriously, this isn’t a gift for just anyone, ok? I mean, it’d be kinda awkward..alright, super awkward..if you gave this to a cubby buddy at work. You know?

The JINSHI underwear for men is 95% bamboo fiber + 5% spandex and 93% lenzing viscose + 7% spandex. You’ll want to order it via their size chart, though. Helpful Hint: They suggest you order them one size bigger.

5) Do you know something? I’ve never had a macaroon! I some, it’s like it gets for me, when it comes to people who don’t drink coffee. But pretty much everybody I know has had these, and they really seem to love them! It’s actually a gift I’ll most likely be getting for a couple of folks over the holidays.

All of the macaroons from Dana’s Bakery are gluten-free; they’re made with almond flour, and certified Kosher Dairy by Kof-K. For best results, the macaroons should be refrigerated upon arrival and you’ll want to consume them within 5-7 days of delivery. Alternately, they can be frozen when they arrive for up to 4 weeks.

6) So I’m a full-on Texas girl, y’all. Giving people hell daily to prove it, too!

And that means I’ve had my fair share of spicy food. My husband actually consumes so much of it, he ends up having sweat come from places I wasn’t aware were capable of producing sweat! Ugh. Now, unlike other Hot Sauce of the Month Clubs, Just Enough Heat is about everything being spicy, not just the hot sauce! There’s 2-3 spicy items that get sent out each month. For your sweat-producing enjoyment!

7) Here’s another gift that’s more for those who are close to you. Heck, maybe even yourself! This gift definitely keeps on giving. The Zinus Wood Cottage Style Platform Bed is easy to assemble, and there’s no box spring necessary. It has a beautifully stylish wood-panel headboard that’d look gorgeous in any bedroom!

8) Don’t assume these are just for kids, you guys! Though they’d be great for the little ones, some of us grown folks enjoy watching classic Disney flicks, too. Toy Story: The Complete Toy Story Collection is a Blu-ray box set release that includes Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. What a fun movie day that would be, huh?!

9) OK – God, I just can’t help myself! Yes, it’s another coffee bean gift. But I mean, come on – most normal people love this stuff!

If you’re not wanting a subscription but still want to get the free shipping, and that delicious fresh roast and amazing service from Bean Box – still making out by giving a great coffee gift – then these 16 gourmet coffees from the world’s top microlots is the way to go. It’s like, taking a tour of Seattle’s five-star roasters in your own kitchen! Score!

10) We’re gonna finish this gift guide off right,

with some good ol’ finger-lickin’ Texas bbq. It reminds me of what one of my daughters would say growing up, “I love meat!”, with her mouth full and everything! Burgers’ Smokehouse brings us The Taste of the South Sampler, which includes free shipping and some delicious Southern delights that’d be the hit of any meal, anywhere.

I do believe that we’ve got ourselves a bangin’ list here, if I do say so myself. But you tell me! Leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive my posts sent to your email!

Next up, we’ve got the best gifts for the creative people on our shopping lists..the DIY’ers and crafters. Should be interesting! I always say that I’m one of the least creative people I know.

Gift Guide: The Environmentalist

Ugh, okay this was a tough one! I’m certainly not the most sustainable (or healthy) person, either. So trying to get gifts for people like that, can be a task on its own! I mean, like I recycle..occasionally, and I prefer taking a more natural route to healing, but that’s the extent of it.

Ok’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out what to get these individuals, but I believe that we’ve got ourselves a pretty good working list. Tell me what you think!

DISCLOSURE***First, let me tell you that this post does have affiliate links in it, which will provide me with a compensation should you make purchases after clicking on them.

1) To start, Veestro is a company which makes delicious, chef-like, plant ingredients types of meals. These meals are available for delivery straight to your house as long as it’s anywhere inside the U.S. They’re a healthy alternative for when someone’s simply too busy or worn out to cook! Another great thing about them is they also offer gift cards, which is a great idea for someone in this shopping category!

2) These terrariums have an elegant, glass pyramid-shape which is perfect for holding plants or other objects, and furthermore, can serve as a stylish, modern centerpiece all by itself. It has a metal frame, glass walls, and an easy-to-access opening for placing items inside. What a super cute gift idea!

3) A skin product offering fast and long-term relief, with a guarantee?! Meaning, get healthier, happier skin or receive your money back! With this cream, the user will be able to finally say goodbye to their dry, cracking, itchy, scaly, painful skin.

4) Here, we have a cream made with organic ingredients that are free from any harmful, or toxic petrochemicals. As such, it contains star anise seed oil, which gives a natural, mild licorice scent. The scent will evaporate shortly after application. Any environmentalist woman will love this anti wrinkle cream!

5) These snacks burst with the classic taste of peanuts! A Hemp Peanut Superfood+ Bar is also a great choice for both kids and adults alike! They’re made with five of the most nutrient-dense superfoods, which includes: cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, quinoa and hemp seeds.

6) A gift allowing the healthy-living recipient to do their spill-proof sipping, while at work or on the trail

. The 25 fl. Oz. Camelbak eddy water bottle has a cap completely redone, and a big bite valve that helps provide a faster flow than the previous versions had. Simply bite, then sip, for the beverage to flow directly through the valve.

7) The ECO-BAGS PRODUCTS Lunch Bag 7×10.5 has been put together using organic cotton. This is an awesome, high quality product that was made right here in the US.

8) Not only was this lip balm made in the US and it’s beeswax free, but is also completely pure and 100% natural. It’s a gluten-free, non-toxic product with: NO chemicals, petroleum, soy, or corn.

9) As a gift that includes 12(11 oz.) of the organic vegan Smooth Chocolate Nutrition Shakes, this is a fantastic stocking stuffer for any environmentalists you may be shopping for. It’s ideal as a healthy, on-the-go source of nourishment. They’re convenient for busy professionals, moms, athletes and students.

10) Finally, you can put this product to good use as a lovely Christmas decoration, or a gift! It’s very popular, and has consistently been trending. In addition, it’s soothing and gives a calming effect, plus, it’s healthy! With the Christmas Red Gift Package and Ribbon, the salt lamp would be a perfect choice to decorate at Christmas, or to give to others.

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I impress myself sometimes, by finding as many choices as I did for these very Green individuals. As I said before, I’m pretty green as well, when it comes to shopping for them. But I’m more than certain that these items would make for fabulous gifts!

Next in this series, we’ll find out all about shopping ideas for the girly girls!

I definitely will have to cut my list back on that blog post, because I have three daughters, which makes me pretty much an expert! God bless, y’all.