The Creative Crafters Gift Guide

Happy holidays! I’m ready to get right into talking about gifts for the creative crafters. I think these individuals are brilliant, by the way! And I’ve given this guide lots of research. I still have tons of others coming up, too. You still have time to ask for something you want to see!

First of all, everyone knows that lady (maybe even ladies), who’s a complete creative maniac! She makes things around her house, and does all her own gifts. She kills it, too! You know the ones I’m talking about, right?? Well, I’ve found some products that are simply fantastic for them. I’m specifically psyched over this ultimate DIY machine! Due to the fact that you can make custom vinyl stickers with it, personalize any home decor, and even do some unique greeting cards. But, I really think highly of it, because you also have the ability to do custom designs on your clothing! Furthermore, your images can be uploaded for free. (Pretty sure that I’m on the nice list..right, Santa?) And there’s even more cool stuff here, also!

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This is the most incredible stamp tool ever made! It has a design so simple, that it allows a consistent stamping experience every time – it’s great for both novice crafters, and the expert.

Home Made Luxe is a craft subscription box, and each month it contains all the materials you need to create gorgeous decor for the home. C’mon now, tell me this isn’t yet ANOTHER perfect gift?!


Anita Goodesign Landscape Animals (PROJ96).

The amazing thing about this collection is, you can be creative while making quilts when you use these designs!

People who do quilting amaze me. I’m quite positive that I’m not patient enough to ever quilt! Finally, when you click on the link, and use the code fivepercent, you can save 5% with my promotional discount.

Anita Goodesign Landscape Animals (PROJ96)

These ribbons are made with a solid, double-face satin fabric , which is perfect for crafting. In addition, you can also use them for hair-bows, bow ties, and wrapping holiday or birthday party gifts. They’re very high quality.

People who are creative, typically keep up with some sort of planner. And finally, with this special one that I’m showing you, you’ll receive overviews for each month, and handy-dandy sections for notes, too. They have great spreads in them, allowing plenty of space for writing daily schedules and to-do lists.

Scrapbooking has become another popular hobby for craft lovers, and BlueMoonScrapbooking is a fast growing online store, that features all of the newest and best companies in the industry!

Blue Moon Scrapbooking

Crafters have tons of accessories for getting creative, which is precisely why they need something handy for keeping it all! With an arts and crafts dining buffet (made of hardwood), they’re able to store their items, and have a unique piece of furniture.

For the crafting newby, this exclusive beginners deluxe drawing kit, is an intro must. Because it’s great to travel with, but even more than that, it’s simply a great gift!

Searching for creative tool sets for someone who enjoys painting? Then this art supply kit, with its own easel, is perfect! There’s fantastic selections for colors to choose from, as well.

So…Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions?

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God bless you, my friends! XOXOXO

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Gift Guide: The Girly Girl

I’m excited, you guys!! It’s so fun talking about girly stuff. Obviously, I’m a woman, and I love girly things! But I also have 3 very beautiful, and very different daughters. I have a son, too, but let’s face it – they’re simply just not as into it like we are! Especially when it’s my husband and son. They’re your’s man: athletic, know, not even the slightest bit metro sexual. And that’s great! I love that about them.

But – ah well, let’s just get right into some of my faves for the girly girls ultimate gift guide. This is gonna be awe-some (yep, totally sang that)!

DISCLOSURE***This post has affiliate links in it, and I’ll receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking them.

1) First, let me advise you that, the effect of the matte velvet on this item, will cause the lips to be a little dry. So, if you want good moisture, a lip balm will need to be put on prior to the lipstick. Also, you don’t want to compress your lips after applying the gloss, or it’ll end up kind of sticky. But it does have a lovely matte effect, plus, it lasts a long time and it’s waterproof! It’s also very easy to remove with the lip cleansing oil. I love how the finished product looks! Perfecto!

2) Every product that’s sold at

Safe & Chic is free of toxins, parabens and other dangerous chemicals which are found in most mainstream products we’re purchasing. They’ve researched thousands of products thoroughly, for both safety and effectiveness; which includes running them through a Think Dirty, Good Guide and Skin Deep database, to ensure their commitment to quality. They closely examine the overall hazard for cancer and developmental/reproductive toxicity.

For the record, you can’t go wrong with virtually any of their products!

3) Feel Foxy was established in 2005. They’ve been featured on multiple national television shows including Good Morning America, The Doctors, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks and Dr. Oz. They specialize in shapewear, figure enhancing products, and intimates for the modern woman. The prices are fantastic for the quality of the product! I specifically like the shapewear for when you’re dressing up for a more formal event, and are likely wearing a form-fitting dress. It can flatten you out in all the right spots.

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4) Ezpopsy is an online clothing retailer offering the latest in women’s fashion.

The categories which are offered by Ezpopsy,

include clothing, bags, accessories and many more. They also have over 2 thousand items in stock, with 300 new arrivals per day! Now I know not everyone’s comfortable getting clothing as a gift, but in the event you’re one of the few who are, Ezpopsy is the way to go.

Duvolle Brands Inc

5) Duvolle has professional hair styling tools. And you know us girls love our tools for our hair! These are top-of-the-line styling products and I would be ecstatic to have any one of them. So will your girly girl!

Exotic Essential OIls

6) GuruNanda® is a company that provides 100% pure & natural essential oils, and a premium ultrasonic diffuser designed to improve an individual’s overall health and well-being. Their aromatherapy products can help enhance life and promote health naturally. All their essential oils and the ultrasonic oil diffuser is carefully tested, and they also go through a quality control process to ensure consumers get high quality products at the right prices. Their oils are from seed to shelf, harvested and delivered to you, using plants and flowers which are grown with exceptional care. GuruNanda® ensures the purity of every essential oil they blend, or sell individually. This has become very popular, and it’s a gift sure to please!

7) With its new smart, multi-targeted delivery system, perfect for our girly locks,

Redken color extend-magnetic shampoo also has developed a sulfate-free formula for gently cleansing color treated hair. In addition, it adds structure at the root of the hair. Most of us girls have done some experiencing with our hair color, so if your lovely lady is anything like yours truly, she’ll greatly appreciate this extra-large bottle of perfection in her stocking!

8) A nifty little tool with an over-the-cabinet door design which creates space-saving storage for all the hair styling tools a girl can have. It features 3 compartments for: styling irons and hair dryers, plus 1 open basket underneath for accessories and more. I personally can really use this, if any shoppers for me are reading this!

9) Now, every girly girl needs a good brush!

And this one not only works beautifully, but it also looks really cool. It’s the original glide-thru brush. Ever since the Glide Thru Detangling Brush launched, other companies have tried their best to copy it! But only this one has firm, quality bristles that doesn’t lose their shape! It’s by far the best at removing all of the knots and tangles.

10) Most girls are doing some type of contouring these days. The Beauty Contour and Highlight Kit has everything she’ll need to do this part of her glam routine. I wasn’t using this up until a couple of years ago, but since the very beginning of adding it to my face decorating, I’ve gotten tons of compliments! My application session wouldn’t be complete now without it.

11) The e.l.f. Skincare Starter kit has all the basics for taking care of our dainty little faces.

This kit comes with the daily face cleanser, which gently cleanses and hydrates the face. Then we have the daily hydration moisturizer for more hydration and nourishing of the skin, and finally, the illuminating eye cream that helps moisturize the delicate area under our eyes. Trust me – you don’t want to wait too late to add these beauty steps into your daily schedule! I never thought much about it myself until I was in my 30’s (just less than a decade ago) and there are spots I’ll see and think, “Dang, if I’d have just been doing this a little earlier”.

Like I said, I could’ve gone on and on with this gift guide, but I don’t want to overwhelm anybody! My three daughters all have at least a little bit of girly girl to them. I didn’t come into my own on all of this until my young adult years. Too busy trying to prove I was a badass, I guess. Which, by the way, I am..but I’ve since learned that I can have the best of both worlds! I just look cute while I kick ass, taking names later.

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So, what’s coming next?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Next, we’re looking at the gifts that keep on giving. I’ll let you mull over that a little.

Ok, lovies, your turn! What do you think about this list of gift ideas for those girly girls? Leave a comment below and tell me the truth. I appreciate y’all taking the time to check out the blog! Don’t forget to subscribe, to receive all the posts directly in your email inbox. Much love! And God bless. XOXOXO ~ JENNIFER