10 Family Night Necessities

Before you know it, the children will be seeking out more family time

I wish it was easier to get the whole family together for just a day..particularly the young adult members. However, let’s be honest: The day I get taken to my forever home in the sky, they’ll never forget those fun moments we were able to share. Therefore it’s my duty to not give up trying, and to show them how important it is to me! Now, what kind of things aren’t too awful to lure them all here?

Though occasionally a movie night might work (am I the only one who can stand going without these?), they don’t exactly promote us to connect with each other very well. Because, choosing poorly will discourage us from fully relaxing and engaging..rather than forgetting all about our devices and losing track of time from the fun. Let’s move past the electronics, even if only for a little while.

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Awesome Pack – Big Kid

Awesome Pack is a subscription box full of..well, awesomeness! And it’s completely customizable for your family. They fill these with family games and activities!

Hillsdale Kingston 5 Piece Game Set With Leather Back Game Chair 6004GTBC

This dining set doubles as the perfect game spot. Its table shape is an octagon and there are holders for both chips and drinks. When you combine it with the matching chairs, the Kingston Game Set is the epitome of class and style. Especially perfect for when your children are older and you can school them in poker!

Family Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Risk Board – Sw-368 – Games Strategy

Yep, this exists: Game of Thrones Risk. Of course, it derives from the epic HBO series! It features two different ways to play, including organizations of houses that are vying for control during the time of The War, as well as Daenerys’ rise to power. My oldest is a GoT fanatic and this would knock her socks off!

Family Swim Center Pool 120x72x22

Ah yeah. You know it had to be done! Plus, I’m a Texas gal so I live realistically planning activities around warmth. The family swim center pool is big enough for all of you to chill in, and just have some good conversation.

New York End-Cut Steak- Prime

My kids love them some food, y’all. In fact, my middle daughter is well-known for once saying “I love meat” – true story! So, I know the way to their hearts is to feed them well. You can’t get much more “well” than with a USDA Prime New York Strip, I’m just sayin’! The end-section of each loin on these have beautiful streaks and they’re just plain delicious. And don’t worry – it still has the right amount of fat to it, for you guys (or gals) who are into that sorta thing!

Gimme Some Sugar

Sweet Treats Gift Box

Sweeten up the deal..literally. You’ll disappoint nobody with this delicious assortment of goodies, including chocolate. Some of the items this basket features include: Light and fluffy lemon pound cake, a batch of gourmet chocolate chip cookies, chocolate/vanilla whoopie cookies; goodies with chocolate covering them, such as – graham crackers, Oreos, pretzels or nutter butters; and even a chocolate chunk brownie as a choice! If you want to customize the package, just let Kremp Florist know. They’ll create the perfect gourmet sweets gift box to include the right amount of tasty treats, whether it be more or less than in the picture.


3-in-1 Game Set - USA Made

This 3-in-1 game set is a beauty! It features all that you’ll need to play chess, checkers and backgammon, so you can get your competitiveness on. Why buy one game, when you can have three of the most popular board games in human history that comes in one set? This timeless classic will surely stick around for a few generations, and can give your family plenty of enjoyment for many hours!


If you must go see a movie, Dealflicks.com sells movie tickets and concession deals for up to 60% off. They carry the latest and greatest blockbusters for a growing number of movie theaters nationwide. They also offer 3D and IMAX tickets when available. Plus, they don’t charge convenience fees. Deals typically range from $5-15.

Stainless Steel Pizza Stone With Pizza Cutter

Again I’m coming back to food. And what’s easier than pizza? The baking stone traps and disperses heat evenly, helping to produce crispy crusts, without burning or scorching; it’s perfect for baking flatbread, pizzas and quesadillas.

Hedbanz Act Up Board Game

Acting up while getting other players to guess who you are? It’s like they had my family in mind when they were creating this game. The first player to get rid of all their tokens wins!

President's Day Sale

Nights with the fam-bam helps us bring our family closer together. Try my 10 suggestions out, and while you’re at it, think up some more activities you all can enjoy.

11 Things To Get The Person Who Has Everything

Is it stumping you to try and think of a great gift to get someone? Well then, no need to look on yet another website for help, because I’m covering your rears with a variety of gifts for folks who already have everything – or at least, that’s how you perceive it.

So, everyone knows that one dude..seemingly wanting for, or in need of nothing! Take a look at the picks I’ve come up with for some unique gift items to discover meaningful things you might have never even thought of. And, my guess is, you’ll find something even the most difficult person will love! But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, thinking people have everything easy..it’s simply just a perception, ya know? Appearances can sometimes be very deceiving.

*This post may contain affiliate links for products I love, so if you make any purchases, I’ll earn a commission – at no extra cost to you. For my full disclaimer, please click here.

Gymboree Sale On Now!

1. Subscribe to Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy is a sock club you can subscribe to. To sum it up, they’re a fashion startup company delivering amazingly random socks each month to a fast-growing group of subscribers. And it starts at only $11/month! First of all, the socks are about as daring and comfy as all get out. And it ships FREE anywhere worldwide! Huffington Post and The New York Times are among some of the reputable publications you may have seen feature them.


2. Get $40 Off with any Purchase Over $110 at Silver Rush Style

Get $40 OFF with any Purchase Over $110

First of all, let me just say that Silver Rush Style Inc. is a family company in the business of selling handmade silver jewelry, and they’ve been doing it for years. They’ve also got one of the largest selections available to choose from over the internet, with over 8,000 designs. I’d definitely recommend a gift certificate, so the recipient can choose the styles they want for themselves!

$500 Gift Certificate

3. German Food Subscription Box

Another kind of different, yet trending gift to get someone is subscribing to food. And German Food Box has the best German foods you can find. Shipping’s always free. Though I can’t say I’ve had many German food items, I do have family members that have been to Germany many times, and they absolutely love the food!

4. Photo Books

Mixbook is the easy and fun way to make a completely customizable photo book. They also do cards and calendars from the web – for free. Another perfect gift for the person who “has everything”! And who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane? Furthermore, in just enough time for Valentine’s Day, they’re giving my readers an exclusive offer of 45% off any orders over $149, 35% off orders over $99, or 30% off everything less. How cool is that?!

5. Fur Beanie Hat

This beanie at Caseco pairs with any iPhone or Android device within seconds. It’s a fabulously trendy style, and it offers the warmth we crave throughout the chilly seasons. Another great thing? It’s stereo sound! Furthermore, the hat’s machine washable – you simply remove the Bluetooth module, then wash. You’ll also get 6 hours of play time with it, plus another 2 hours of charging. Also, the color-coordinating control panel allows you to switch between songs and answering calls with the built-in mic feature. One size fits most.

Caseco Fur Pom Bluetooth Beanie Winter Hat for Women

6. Chocolate…’Nuff Said

Kremp Florist has a premium assortment of everything chocolate! Delicious items, such as assortments of: pretzels, Oreos/ graham crackers, gourmet hot fudge brownies (uh..yum!), butter cookies, truffles and much more! This is the perfect gift for anybody you love! Furthermore, I’m always pro-chocolate for gifts, so…

Deluxe Chocolate Basket

7. A Spa Gift Basket With Everything You Could Ask For

Now you want to talk about a match made in heaven for..well, anybody?? Vita Springs offers a beautiful pairing of peace and indulgence, in their faux suede and leather box they pack with a mind-blowing collection of spa products that have a chocolate scent. Like, who even does that? Finally! The perfect gift for someone who may have everything, yet can still use a little indulgence like anybody else!

Chocolate Truffle Spa Decadence Gift Basket, Bath & Beauty Gift Set

8. Gift Card to Bikini.com

This is the ultimate boutique that shows off collections of unique swimwear and accessories from many of the emerging designers. In addition, their “Shop Your Body Type Quiz” provides ease for customers to find their most flattering style.

Gift Card $10

9. Custom Barrel Coffee Table

This one-of-a-kind coffee table is made from a whiskey barrel. It has a top that opens and shuts on a hinge, so you can use it as a storage chest! You can also place custom writing on it to display a family name, or anything else.


10. Book sightseeing tours, attractions, activities and things to do with City Discovery Inc.

This gift will give access to a great selection of ground transportation, and travel activities. From sightseeing tours in some of the top cities to amazing adventure packages; airport transfers to cooking lessons; even balloon tours, among many other things you cando! It’s truly a gift they’ll remember.

Find the Best tours, Excursions & Activities with City Discovery

11. Personalize It

Help create memories through personalizing the special occasion gifts you’re shopping for, including accessories and custom home decor. These also include ideas on gifts for weddings, new babies, anniversaries, birthdays, friendship, holidays and more! Even the person with everything will gasp with joy at the thought you put into this gift.

15% Off All Orders – No Minimum Required – With Code: AGPLOVE15

I hope these gave you some unique gift ideas for those special events that you’ll be attending!

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