Challenged By Change

I remember becoming emotionally challenged with continuing to make the decision to walk out of my house everyday, knowing I wouldn’t be home until evening.

I remember becoming emotionally challenged with continuing to make the decision to walk out of my house everyday, knowing I wouldn’t be home until evening.

Which eventually led me to leave “corporate America”. Specifically, I felt challenged to be with my youngest, since the others were in school.

Realistically Speaking

The reality was, I’d still have to find a way to make ends meet financially. My husband was abundantly clear on this!

All I knew was, my heart was aching to be with them. All the other stuff,was going to take some time to figure out. Before I left my job, my mom had been staying with us, and helping watch her newest grandchild.

Entertaining the idea of our baby going to daycare, was never even a thought! I mean, I didn’t even take her to childcare at church, so c’mon…

Well, Uh…You See

The primary reason was, I got little bonding time in with her before I’d have to go back to work. There wasn’t another second I was willing to miss!

It’s not like anything was lacking with my other three kids, before she was born, to make me not want to be there for them. Actually, I’d been feeling this stirring for a few years.

Challenged to Mature

The life I had when they were younger, when my maturity level was still growing, was completely different. My love for them was just as overwhelming; the biggest difference was that I had been changing.

Knowing the youngest was my last time to be a mommy, made my protectiveness go in overdrive. I had to guard this blessing, and cherish the moments I had.


There’s No Stopping Her Now

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Like children tend to, she grew quickly. And now, with the time we had, we were developing an even stronger connection.

When her 4th birthday was rolling around, it began seeming like I heard about pre-k everywhere. Only one of my other kids had gone, but they had all been in daycare.

As I began to learn more about pre-k, I began having a realization, too. My child was in desperate need of other kids to interact with!

All In the Family

Though my mother-in-law was operating a home daycare – which we’d utilize here and there – it didn’t work out to go on a regular basis. We sure did hear our girl tell us about the fun she had, a bazillion times or so, though!

Unfortunately, we were locationally challenged regarding this.

So I made a decision to start looking into what I’d need to do to get her into pre-k! At exactly the same time school was starting.

Challenged By Running a Business

We were barely qualifying, come to find out, because families were requiring being under a certain income for acceptance. Luckily though, I had just began my real estate business.

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This came after a couple of other failures attempting to operate different “home businesses”, but it was a “perfect ending”, because I love my career in real estate! I still was able to office from home, accommodating my desire to be with the kids.


So, because I was starting my business, our taxes also was showing our income where it was needing to be, allowing us to proceed registering her for pre-k!

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I wasn’t realizing that all elementary schools weren’t offering this, so she’d have to attend the nearest one. The location wasn’t far at all, and I was happy to find out it was a newer school!

We were finally able to get her in just a week late, once all the paperwork was complete.

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Starting Up

It was a little rough transitioning her into a whole new experience. She was adjusting to the changes – teachers, “structure” (eh in pre-k, they do what they can).

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After the first week though, she was loving it! The kids were a big part of that, but the teachers were also great.

Progress, Not Perfection

She’d still struggle with days they’d do something different from the regular schedule, like: picture day, substitute teachers, etc. The teachers were brilliant in how they’d calm her anxiety, like bringing her favorite color play-dough to the cafeteria, while waiting for their pictures to be taken.

About halfway through, her teacher came to me, suggesting we establish a meeting with a lady in the speech department. She felt like our girl might need some help communicating.


Socially Challenged

She was able to use words fine; it was her social skills that were lacking. On another note, I was noticing her improvement in many areas, which I’d see by her spelling out everybody’s names or trying to not “scribble-scrabble” while coloring.

I’d love seeing the awesome ways she was progressing! It was quite a thrill, being able to witness a great experience take place for our girl in school.

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Preparing For Kinder

In the areas needing improvement, we were chalking it up to her being younger and this being her first time in a group setting. Her birthday falls on the 31st; the cutoff to be four to start pre-k, was on the 1st, so she was the youngest.

The 1st day of Kindergarten

By the end of that year, she was definitely coming around though; enough to get the thumbs up from her teacher. She was ready for Kindergarten!

Summer, Summer, Summertime

That summer, while waiting for the school-year to start, I’d find it nerve-wracking thinking of my “baby” being at a new school. At least it was going to be the same school for the next six years, though.

I’d also get nervous about her going for full days now, and being with a new teacher. Daily, I’d pray for God’s hand being over these things.

The first week of Kinder, celebrating my girl’s 5th birthday with her teacher

I’d always make sure to put on my face of excitement though, when she’d start gushing about school. Then “meet the teacher” night finally came – and that’s when her nerves began kicking in.

All for Nothing

Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary though!

I had been preparing backups, just in case. In case..we felt our daughter was being overwhelmingly challenged.

“Well, if it doesn’t work, I can always try home-schooling her.”
This was an option I had come up with…Except she was as receptive to learning from me, as an Aggie is a “tea sipper”!


The main roadblock though? That part about needing kids to interact with!

Another backup I’d thought of: “I could always look at Montessori schools, for her to have more one-on-one attention.”

Then, I’d remember, money was the issue here. The financial issue wasn’t an easy one to overcome right now.

Absolutely Unnecessary

Thankfully, again..this was all shown to be a completely empty line of reasoning!

“Giving it the old college try” might be what I was telling myself in the beginning, albeit not very convincingly, but let’s be honest – I was preparing for the worst. Instead, I should’ve been waiting expectantly for God to answer my prayers, because it’s exactly what He did.

Chalking it up completely to His blessings, the teacher she got was an absolute dream!

Just A Girl and Her Teacher

There’s no better gift a mother could receive, than the one I got in my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. From the very first moment they met, there was a connection!

Day in, day out, I got to watch this teacher lavishing pure love and excitement on the kids. Then..came the second week of Kindergarten.

Luck of the Draw

The second week, a letter got sent home telling me that my daughter was part of this random selection the principal did, and they were wanting to move her into a different class, to balance the amount of students in the rooms. As I read this letter, my heart began quickly sinking, thinking this challenged us more than I could imagine.

I put a call in to our principal, bringing up my concerns, which was that our daughter had already found an attachment with this teacher! She began asking me if I’d reconsider, and telling me the other Kinder teachers were just as wonderful.

She also told me she’d be happy to talk some more the next evening, at parent night, which I was planning on attending.

Asking for Clarity

Immediately, I began to pray about it, even mentioning it to my daughter, which was instantly shot down. Then I met with her teacher – her current teacher, that my girl had already given her heart to.

I told her about what was going on, and she graciously paid praise to the other Kindergarten teachers; then she told me that I – in no way – had to agree with this. I already knew this, of course, but her acknowledging my feelings brought tears to my eyes!

I’m THAT Mom

I never want to be thought of as the parent unwilling to cooperate with the school, but NOTHING about this sat well with me.

During our conversation, I told my daughter’s teacher she was exactly who we’d been praying for all summer. And what a blessing it was, to be able and feel confident about her care, as I left each day.

She told me I was going to make her cry, which wouldn’t be the only time I’d hear her say this!

Principal’s Office

I spoke with the principal that evening, giving her my decision – and you know what? I couldn’t be any happier about it..trusting my instincts.

Throughout Kindergarten, her teacher set up many meetings with me (that’d end up being a good hour or so, with all our jibber-jabber) to go over my daughter’s progress, and tell me to work on certain things. There was a lot of appreciation felt for her openness!

She Gets Me

What it really came down to was, I felt – through an unspoken communication – that she could see the hope in my eyes – for my girl’s success. I also got to be her room mom, assisting with things she was needing: parent communication, making copies of papers (I even got a lesson on laminating!) and helping plan classroom parties.

Our talks would be about how she could identify with our daughter, being the “baby” of the class, because she also was an August baby – amongst other topics. She just had a way of bringing peace!

Lasting Impression

We think about her all the time – during summer (after Kinder), and now, in first grade. Though my daughter’s new class is just right down the hall and we still stop for hugs or a wave, we don’t get to see her nearly as much.

My daughter’s heart still bursts with love for her precious teacher though, and words couldn’t do it justice. It’s the actions…I see it in how she spots her across the hall, when we’re on the way to her new class, and then quietly whispers her name with a little grin.

Then there’s the times we’re walking in, and she picks a flower for me and after pausing a second, turns and grabs one more for the other woman who holds a piece of her heart. That’s when I see the love bursting from her..and secretly, my love kinda does, too.

She’s a once-in-a-lifetime teacher, going well over any job requirement, sent to be the angel that we were needing. Though I pray we cross paths with many more great teachers on this journey, my heart tells me, that she was always meant to start this new season for us: a mom, struggling to let go; and a boundary-pushing, spitfire of an August “baby”, just learning to spread her wings.


And So It Goes

Currently, we continue being challenged in our blessings on this parenting quest – with a first grader, a sophomore, a newly-married college student and our oldest, who’s figuring out life on her own journey!

Though they’re never really on their own, are they, moms? We sit back, quietly watching, repeatedly praying, smiling, crying…

Because it’s what we do. Our babies will be okay, as they learn to overcome what their challenged with! And when they need us – they don’t have very far to look.

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Tell me about what you’ve done, as your family’s been challenged by whatever life’s throwing at you. Do you have experiences with your own little boundary-pushers?

I appreciate that you’ve taken time joining me on this ride. The subscribe info’s below, if you’d like notifications of my future posts!

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Thank you for reading. God bless! XOXO

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Advice on Taking Your Little Ones to Restaurants

Growing up I loved eating at restaurants, but we didn’t do it very often. When I knew that we were going out, I’d start pre-planning what I wanted to eat, and I’d count down the minutes to getting this vision into my belly. I’m a female, so getting ready was a big, long process and would help with taking my mind off watching the clock. My getting to eat out somewhere was a little bit of a big deal.
The Then and Now of Eating at Restaurants

Cut to the 4 babies I’ve had, with every minute of my life being spoken for and you get a woman who has zero motivation to cook, so I’ve suggested that we eat elsewhere pretty often. After dance/football practice, and games, it became way easier to pick up a quick bite at one of our go-to restaurants. 

I hate drive-thrus, though. I’ve gone on and off diets for years, and knew that nothing good would ever get accomplished by that kind of food to choose from.
My Advice

What I did learn from eating out with my rugrats, who are picky (and pretty damn moody sometimes, too) is: 

You’ve gotta be smart when you pick your restaurants.

Choosing a place with a sandbox, or a playground, is best for everyone.
There’s much more to choose from now – on our fourth child – than there was 21 years ago, on our first. Having bean and cheese tacos or cheeseburgers for the little ones is a must. The go-to for us has been the Leon Springs Las Palapas.
My husband’s kind of obsessed with Mexican food, so he’s in absolute heaven with eating here whenever. There’s a good-sized sand area on the patio, too.

When I draw the line and demand having a burger, it’s the (again) Leon Springs Willie’s Grill and Icehouse. The whole family is typically happy with either: casual, and yummy. 

Make sure they’ve snacked a little bit prior to heading there.

If it’s an event that’s been planned ahead of time, I try to make sure that the youngest has had a piece of fruit or something, to minimize the inevitable whining. Trust me, nobody else eating there wants to deal with this either. “Um Miss, can you ask your daughter to stop licking the picture on the menu, please?” 

Make them wait for their meal along with everyone else.

This is one that took me longer to realize, because I thought I was being smart by getting our Little Pest’s plate on the table, so that she wouldn’t irritate the rest of the establishment while we were waiting.

When I begin to eat my meal though, she’s rushing me to take her to the bathroom and to leave. If her endgame is over, she’s a little more prone to start doing a little “duck duck goose” all around the seats. I’ve got a much better shot with distracting her, if we’re ALL listening to the sounds of our stomach growling together. 

Don’t be so rigid about what activities are allowed.

Normally, the restaurants our family picks to visit are going to have something for the little one to do.
I’m one of those moms that avoids the use of any electronics when we’re sitting together to eat, which is why I normally wouldn’t make this suggestion…However, occasionally, you need to change things up! I wouldn’t make them all engage in conversation while for however long it takes me to whip up their food.

It’s a different story though, if (and we never will be) we’re in some dimly lit restaurant where people are likely having their date night at (to get AWAY from their kids and the sounds that come with them). Use your considerate judgement!

It would probably be the last resort, however it’s one I’m certainly willing to utilize for making it to the end of our time out together. And I’m totally cool with this!

Treat the staff like family (the ones you like).

They’re going to end up cleaning the spills, and making a kajillion runs for our refill requests.
It doesn’t matter if you’re at freaking Chuck E. Cheese’s, they probably still hate having young children seated in their section. Even though I know how precious she can be..believe it or not..they likely think she’s Satan’s spawn. Wait. Wha?? I know. I know, it’s crazy talk.

When my husband and I show our manners,and engaging in conversations with them however, I know it must be a weight off of their shoulders and they usually will go over and above trying to please Miss Thang. So, be chill. 

Words of Wisdom

Maybe my words of wisdom will be of some use to y’all, in making the best of your time out together during this season of life. Hey, if I can get just a minute of peace, I’m in heaven! So, I’m willing to try almost anything.

C’mon folks! Ain’t nothing like an ice cold margarita in these parts of Texas. Because let’s be honest, that’s why we really go out! Right, moms? 

**(UPDATE: I had an issue with my website for a couple of weeks, so I’m resharing this post, as it was one I lost during the maintenance I was doing.)