Daddy Daughter Dance: Why It Matters

It was around 11 years ago when we first heard of the Father Daughter Dance. Chris, my wonderful husband, decided to take our daughters, Alyssa and Brooke, to attend what would become one of the most special events of the year for our family.

The Father Daughter Dance takes place at Grace Point Church, which is now our home church. I look back at this time and I’m thankful for how fantastic of a dad he was, is, for jumping in with both feet on this.

Save The Last Dance

Anyways, back then, our oldest daughter was in the “That’s sooooo not cool” phase; so she didn’t attend. Brooke – daughter #2 – was all over it, however! You don’t have to ask her twice at all, whether it’s cool to devote a whole evening to her. Or if she wants some princess treatment, like she deserves. That’s basically what this night is about, too!

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Happy Valentine's Day

It’s symbolic of the celebration of these young ladies, born of our High King, and embracing their inheritance as His daughters – princesses.

Rewind Time

Going back to the evening of the dance, all those years ago: Chris and I had already put a plan in place ahead of time, that he’d arrive home from work, but instead of coming in he’d knock and Brooke would open it. Let me just say..I don’t think you can grasp the stinkin preciousness of that smile plastered on her face, as she squealed “Daddy!” The excitement was radiating off of her. Chris, wearing a suit – which he’d worn to work that day so he’d be ready to go – presented Brooke this lovely wrist corsage (flutter flutter). My mom and I had already assisted Brooke in getting “beautified”, and I let her use teensy bits of makeup because – well, it WAS a special night, after all! Of course, she was wearing a lovely dress as well and I could tell..she felt like a princess. Check!

They eat a nice dinner together before leaving on the “date” – in later years, this turns into going out somewhere. When they finish dinner, off into the night they go, ready for the time of their lives.

On the backend of the event, Grace Point has the works all set up. (Volunteers are AMAZING for these events!) I mean, balloons are coming out the ying yang, in every nook and cranny, because after all – you’ve got to have a balloon drop. The younger girls end up taking most of the balloons home.

Sweet Treats

They line up the tables with goodies, candy and punch. Everyone knows you’re going to work up some dehydration, doing all that dancing!

Clothing & Accessories

They create a few photo rooms where they capture the memories that daddies have to cherish of their girl(s). The church actually sends these pics to the guests (no extra charge, y’all) a couple of weeks later.

At the end, a keepsake is handed out to each attendee. We still have most of the magnets or cups, or whatever it was for that year, around the house. The event name, the church and the date are printed on whatever it is they give out.

Like A Fairytale

It’s really quite magical, the way it all comes together! I think about what an amazing opportunity this is, for these fathers to get to set the stage and establish an expectation in these young girls’ minds, so they know how someone should treat them. Because when the time comes that they’re asked on a first date, they’ll have a better understanding if the way they’re being treated is lining up.

The Father Daughter Dance makes my heart burst with love every year! The advertising usually starts showing up on the screens and flyers at church in the beginning of the year. The dance typically falls the weekend before Valentine’s Day – that epic day of showing our love to the ones we value most in our lives.

Church members are encouraged for weeks prior to the event to start thinking of who we’re going to invite. What men do we know through work, our extended family and in the neighborhoods we live in? What men have daughters that have a need to be shown the extent their worth?

A Fish Out of Water

A lot of times, the guests coming to events like these, don’t regularly attend church or maybe have never even been, they show up from receiving an invite or from just seeing the street sign at the entrance. And the setting alone on this night could minister to the most skeptical heart. All the dads dancing silly for some giggles from their girls; all ages of ladies smiling ear-to-ear, forgetting worries that accompany daily life, even if for just a couple hours.

As I mentioned earlier, when it initially became “a thing” in our home, our oldest beauty, opted out. After 3 to 4 years of Brooke and Chris going, Alyssa finally decided to join.

I try to remember that for when someone turns the invitation to join down. Who knows? If they see the anticipation leading up to this night, even if it takes a couple of years, that same person who initially declined may surprise us & accept.


So here we are now: Miss J. Rose, daughter #3, participant to the dance since before she was one year old. She can hardly contain herself when January rolls around. (And I’m always reminded of an 8 year old Brooke..RADIATING joy, y’all.)

Project Nursery, baby gifts, registry, my registry

Jocelynn’s astutely aware when “the ball” is only a few weeks away. By the time New Years Day comes I’m sure to be asked (daily; even multiple times throughout the day) “Are you almost ready to be my fairy godmother??” And I am, of course. Bippity boppity boo!

I pray, pray, pray.. that these girls of ours – be it now or down the road – know how selfless Chris was. Their daddy made himself completely available to them on this night! He probably always will. From getting off work early, to searching for the resources to afford tickets and corsages at times. He’d have readily sacrificed lunches out for a week or two, so that he could get a nice dinner with them beforehand.

Imperfectly Perfect

This man is far from perfect. Aren’t we all? He’s wrestled through his own seasons – struggling with faith, doubts in careers, fearful and uncertain of what the future holds – but on this night, he became the Prince Charming that all little girls deserve and the husband that this Mom treasures.