Many New Things To See

Who else is ready to welcome in spring?! There’s so many things I love about it: all the bright colors, the new styles coming out and everything just seem so fresh.

It always feels like, at this time of year, anything’s possible. You ever feel that way? Which also made me start thinking of everything else that inspires me!

So Many Things That Inspire

Things like my children’s creativity. My 6-year-old just loves deciding what she’s going to wear for the day and believe-you-me, there won’t be another soul on the planet that will be copying her style when she’s picking it out.

I also love playing ‘pretend’ with her, because her storylines get me rolling at times! She’s very much into art these days, too. From this spin art tool she got from her Grampy at Christmas, to all this new artsy stuff that her aunt gave her a couple of weeks ago. She’s constantly making new pictures for everyone!

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And it’s all of those things that inspire me..they just do. Because I still see all her innocence through them. And, with so many other things going on in the world today, I’ll cherish this for as long as I can!

Young, Precious Minds

It’s the things that elementary school kids should be focusing on..not thinking of ways to protect themselves while getting an education. Which, sadly, is exactly what my son and all his peers have discussed throughout the school day this past week!

Free Shipping at Gymboree

I think we’re all just really looking forward to Spring Break coming up. So I’m starting to peruse all the local happenings, to get ideas of what inexpensive activities and experiences we can partake in!

There’s absolutely no better time to let our hearts be open to the things around us. And to let young young. Times like that mean everything to me! I believe my kids will hold them close to their own hearts as they’re older, too.

We Are Family

We’re also feeling the excitement and anticipation of our NY family coming down for Easter! There’s a big event in the works, with tons of fun, food, but most importantly – laughter.

$14 Dresses, $10 Denim, and $6 Tops, Shorts, Leggings at Gymboree

It’s funny.. how I’ve really come to appreciate those things much more – in the wake of seeing other corners of the world, even our own backyard, crumbling from heartbreak. So. Dress it up, dress it down..dress it in that one-of-a-kind fashion my 6-year-old does – but, however you dress it, make it memorable! And take lots of pictures while you do it.

Guess Who??

The majority of our society seems to fear interracial relationships – there’s just a long history of it, I guess. And if I’m being honest, I’ve probably felt a little like this in the past, too. I went through so much change, when I became a Christian. It truly did begin to transform my entire life! There are things I can look back on now, and almost have to remind myself that..yep, that was actually you.

I feel like my primary job here is to work towards an eternal purpose, and one way I can do this is by promoting togetherness regardless of someone’s race. Specifically by making “other people” in my family feel welcome. Since I was really young, there’s been many different races that have become a part of our family. And now it’s almost just like unnoticeable, in a way.

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Ultimately, the entire human species is important. Just because I’m white with blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn’t make me any more relevant than my cousin, who’s a beautiful tone of a mixture of color, with dark hair and eyes. Why is this so difficult for everyone else to comprehend? Isn’t there so much else to put our focus on?

I guess that’s why, when my family’s hosting a gathering, everyone knows they’re welcome. Like, it’d break my heart if someone thought I was excluding them for whatever reason! It simply isn’t in my nature. Not for something like their physical features. Nope, no way. If we’re talking about their choice of football teams however, then obviously that’s another story! We don’t eat at the same table as Eagles or Steelers fans..not in my presence, anyway! Kidding…I’m sure we could find something to feed even them. Ahem.

Experience Carnival in Venice

Guess It’s Time To Go!

Thank you for your interest in my blog! Let me know if there’s any way I can pray for you guys. God bless! XOXOXO ~ Jenn