Showing Generosity to Others

My beliefs get stronger each time I make a point of showing others generosity. It happens when I have something I can choose to help myself with, but instead use to help someone else. Because, I can only make that decision by being completely dependent on God.

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When I’m running short on time and got some important things to check off my to-do list, but put on the brakes after realizing that someone’s in need – it requires showing absolute faith. It requires believing God will allow everything that needs to get done to happen. And it requires the understanding that He’ll make it all work out somehow.

In the brief moments of questioning – how I can provide for someone else, and still do what I must for my own family – I must make a choice to go to God in prayer. I have to pray, not panic and bail. I have to be expectant that He’ll provide for my family. Because, after all, He always has before.

Though we’ve had many struggles and felt like we were coming close to the bottom of our rope, we always manage to stay afloat. It might be by just a hair, but our basic needs get met. I don’t know why we have to go through some of the things that we do, but I do know that He knows why..and I choose to let that be enough.

“(A person who’s) showing generosity is happy to give time, money, food, or kindness to (others) in need.” Taken from

Showing Faith

“Don’t be anxious about anything; rather, bring up all of your requests to God in your prayers and petitions, along with giving thanks.” Philippians 4:6

Vitamins From Heaven

I eat something, maybe even take some vitamins, and get enough energy so I’ll finish out the day. It’s kinda a no-brainer, right?

“If forgiveness is medicine for the soul, then gratitude is a vitamin.” Dr. Steve Maraboli

However, in order to go against all the evil in our world – the things robbing me of peace – simply relying on the strength of my body isn’t going to do too much for me. When part of my consumption is truth, I become stronger spiritually, so I can better equip myself to fight whatever’s thrown at me.

*This post contains affiliate links for products I love, so if you make a purchase through one, I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you. For my full disclaimer, please click here.

I feel alive in my faith; my body doesn’t do diddly for me, not where it counts. One day, there’ll be a new world to live in – the things that are going on now will no longer cease to exist, yet God’s truth..sent to me from heaven..are going to follow me throughout, not only the present time, but the world to come.

“Always remember to take your vitamins: Take your Vitamin A for action, Vitamin B for belief, Vitamin C for confidence, Vitamin D for discipline, Vitamin E for enthusiasm!!” Pablo

My prayer is, God feeds my spirit with the vitamins from heaven, that I consume through studying Scripture. Now those are vitamins I’ll actually take!

“When people take vitamins, the vitamins don’t specifically do it. They enable the body to do it, they enable the body to heal itself. This is a totally different way of looking at it.” Dr. Andrew Saul


“Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died.” John 6:48 NIV

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Ref: Bible reference from YouVersion app.