Passing Time

Time is constantly passing by. There’s just no stopping it!

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We all have the exact same number of hours in the day, though. Nobody gets to be so successful, or so poor, to change that. What we choose to do with the time we’ve got, is up to us.

I’d suggest choosing wisely! Sometimes it feels like it’s out of our control, though. Somehow, the day goes slipping by!

If we’re willing to look a little closer however, we might see where it’s all going to. The truth is, we’re making choices throughout the entire day.

We make a choice to sit on our phones, playing some insignificant game. We make the choice to be still, seeking wisdom. Every last drop of it was something that was either said yes or no to.

I choose my commitments. It was my choice to leave the business world to be home more for the kids. When the house is due for some tidying, I have to make a decision to do it (and tell others what they need to get to). The list could go on and on.

Eventually, time will come to an end – but it hasn’t yet. So, we can make it count while we’ve still got it!

It’s impossible to prevent time from moving forward. If we really want to fit something in, we’ll figure out how.

We’ve All Got Time

I’ll finish by telling you a quote I recently read. It says, “We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If someone else seems to be accomplishing more than you, they’re sacrificing more than you.” Now I don’t know if I agree with the way this was meant, but it’s true! We can make the choice to sacrifice – with our family, with talking to God – to get other stuff accomplished. Ultimately, it’s our decision. What are you going to say ‘yes’ to today? Have you thought long and hard about the things you’re then saying ‘no’ to?


A Given: We Will Get Hurt 

Whether it’s accidental or purposely, if someone has hurt me I’ve got a choice to make…

***This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
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Obviously, at some point, all of us have either gotten or will get hurt by someone. 

When the time comes, and someone does end up hurting me – whether it’s unintentional or vengeful – I’m going to have a decision to make: 


I can forgive the person for whatever things they do or say that I feel hurt by, and try to move forward with the relationship. Each day I work towards having a peaceful existence in all aspects of my life, so this choice is the one that I’d hope that I would lean towards. I mean, let’s face it, my not being willing to forgive someone will continue to affect me, probably as much as the initial act that hurt me affected me. 

Be Offended 

The alternative is to choose being offended, and ultimately make the decision to distance myself from the other person. Since the way we instinctively react to someone hurting us is often based on how we’re feeling, this will usually be the most chosen option of the two. This is the one that’ll also lead us straight into isolation eventually, if we’re not careful.

Nobody’s perfect, so if I choose to be offended every time I get my feelings hurt, I’ll ultimately end up being with me, myself and I. And though I’m pretty damn good company to have around (I’m just saying), there’s likely going to come a time when not too far down the road, it sure might be nice to have another person to talk to. 

But, Either Way…

What I DON’T want to do – at least, in the long run – is whine and complain to my husband (or any other person) without coming to a resolution. And I DEFINITELY shouldn’t gripe about it to the world, via social media, because chances are it’s something that’s able to be handled in a more private fashion.

And honestly? The only people who like those type of ranting and raving posts..they aren’t usually going to be very genuine or lifelong friends more often than not, because everybody knows there’s ALWAYS two-sides to the story. And if someone’s that quick to agree with and coddle you without probing a little deeper, then how quickly will they believe things that someone else might rant and raves about when it’s against you? 

Grow Up!

In my opinion, sulking about the issue and allowing all of those negative vibes to build up – which is part of what comes with the being offended – is a very immature and childish response. I tell my 5-year-old this, when she’s upset about something her brother, Chris or I do: “We’ve all moved on already, Jocelynn. So, if you’re going to stomp around with a grumpy looking face, then go and make yourself feel better by doing that in your own room, because nobody wants to be around that kind of attitude.”

‘Nuff said.