Vitamins From Heaven

I eat something, maybe even take some vitamins, and get enough energy so I’ll finish out the day. It’s kinda a no-brainer, right?

“If forgiveness is medicine for the soul, then gratitude is a vitamin.” Dr. Steve Maraboli

However, in order to go against all the evil in our world – the things robbing me of peace – simply relying on the strength of my body isn’t going to do too much for me. When part of my consumption is truth, I become stronger spiritually, so I can better equip myself to fight whatever’s thrown at me.

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I feel alive in my faith; my body doesn’t do diddly for me, not where it counts. One day, there’ll be a new world to live in – the things that are going on now will no longer cease to exist, yet God’s truth..sent to me from heaven..are going to follow me throughout, not only the present time, but the world to come.

“Always remember to take your vitamins: Take your Vitamin A for action, Vitamin B for belief, Vitamin C for confidence, Vitamin D for discipline, Vitamin E for enthusiasm!!” Pablo

My prayer is, God feeds my spirit with the vitamins from heaven, that I consume through studying Scripture. Now those are vitamins I’ll actually take!

“When people take vitamins, the vitamins don’t specifically do it. They enable the body to do it, they enable the body to heal itself. This is a totally different way of looking at it.” Dr. Andrew Saul


“Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died.” John 6:48 NIV

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Ref: Bible reference from YouVersion app.

Darling, You Made The Decision All Along

Me. I make the decision about how my life’s going to go.

I’m not an innocent bystander in all of this. Actually, I’m a pretty certain factor in it. The way I choose to view my circumstances is a decision only I can make. I don’t get a pass in the “Oh, boo hoo, look what’s happened in my life!” department. As bad, or hard, as things get, there’s opportunities in all of it!

Making A Worthwhile Decision

We have around 940 Saturdays to spend with our kids, before they’re 18. It makes me want to cry when I think about this – because it goes too quick!

The fact is, there’s not any pause buttons on life. There’s not any decision to suspend time, so we can choose making it all count.

I couldn’t ask for more

What Do You See?

How do you view your life? Do you thank God for opening up your eyes each morning? I know that I don’t express my gratitude for my life NEARLY enough!

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My daily experiences are always going to receive a response, purely through my perception of situations. I have a choice of what I’ll think about my kids leaving yet another mess. Will it be a burden to me, or a gift? Sometimes, I might see it as both! But it’s always an opportunity.

First of all, resorting to exasperation isn’t the only way to respond! Everybody’s going to have weaknesses – including my kids. So, if I happen to spot these areas, I can help them think of the ways we – my child and I – can be intentional about working to improve them. For example: Jocelynn insists that she’s going to die from dehydration, every morning we’re getting ready to go to school. Due to this, she’s insistent that she has to get a 5th drink, before she gets shoes on. Yes!! An area which is one we can work on: time management! (Ok, ok. One of the weaknesses I have, is sarcasm.)

Trusting to Me

What do you manage? I don’t know if I’ve ever met anybody who’s not better off than many others in the world. I pray that we all remove our blinders, and will see the things (and people), which God’s faithfully trusting us to take care of. We need to properly manage them, for the very short time we have them. 940 Saturdays is all we get, remember? Every single thing I have surrounding me is a gift, which also includes the hard stuff. It’s all just another opportunity…

So – who am I? Well, I’m a daughter of our High King! Furthermore, I’m a blessing among women, and been given talents to help keep my life interesting. We all have!

The photos I love taking? I can look at them over and over, giving thanks for all the memories. The writings I get so much enjoyment from? I can reread them time and time again, while being in awe of all God’s done for me. The stubborn streak I have? (Hey, I choose how to view these things, remember?) I put my most predominant trait to use, by my solid negotiations for the real estate clients I have. In addition, they’re then able to get into the homes they love so they can start creating new memories with their family. All the praise goes to God!

What about my kids?

My babies are always going to be the greatest gifts I have! I’ve got so many hopes and dreams for them. Mostly, I hope they’ll follow Jesus throughout their life. I hope they’ll seek to be world-changers! God knows exactly who they are, and what they’re going to do for His Kingdom. He’s already preparing a way for them, and filling it with all the people who’ll serve a purpose in their life.

I’ve also been given a purpose! But it hasn’t got anything to do with me. Not directly, anyway.

It’s about how I can uniquely bring glory to God by using the gifts I’ve been given. Because as long as I continue to fulfill my purpose, He’ll take it from there.

“For it’s by God’s grace you were worth saving, through faith. It’s not a result of your own efforts, but it’s God’s gift, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9