Back to School: Kid Goals

It’s coming quickly! Are you ready parents? It’s back to school!


Back to school is here! Which means shopping for school clothes is here, as well.

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Let Boys Do Boy Things

I don’t usually do any of the shopping for my son. My husband goes to the stores with him, then let’s him do his thing! Fifteen-year-olds don’t hold a high regard for the stuff that their parents suggest for some reason.

But, it’s a whole other story when it comes to my daughter! She’s getting to an age of having more of an opinion on what she wears, but at 5-years-old, she still needs a lot of help and guidance.

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Mom’s School Year Goals

Gymboree Sale On Now!
So, she’s headed into 1st grade this year and I want her to start this new season with a healthy level of confidence, which starts with how she feels about herself. And let’s face it, our clothes can help build our self-esteem up, as females anyway!

This is one of the top reasons why I LOVE Gymboree! Their stylish clothes suggest to our children that they can believe anything is possible; their trendy outfits exude confidence and comfort.

Show Me the Money

Now, my kid feeling good is the Numero Uno factor, when talking about back to school shopping. But, running a close second, is definitely the budget!

This brings me to the crazy, ridiculously awesome sale going on at Gymboree RIGHT NOW! You guys, 70%..that’s SEVENTY friggin’ percent!!! the WHOLE STORE!

The Excitement Is Real, Y’all

This child – I admit, she’s a little strange in this aspect – was ready for school to be back in session on the third day of summer. Can I please have a little bit of your sympathy for how looooooonnnnnggggg that’s made the last month and a half?? “Is it time for 1st grade yet, Mom?” No, Jocelynn, we still have a few months. “How about now?” J, it’s still the same day as the last time you asked.

She’s just ready to get in there and meet her next teacher, make new friends, see old friends and get to learning! I suppose I can’t really fault her for those things.

Don’t Miss Out

I remember owning everything in this store when my first child was born, almost 22 years ago. Gymboree’s a store that has always offered some of the most colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessories; and it’s real quality clothing, that allows my kids be kids while wearing them.

At the beginning of the school year, they usually start getting pictures done for the yearbook, and this mama’s going to be ready. I’ve already made a small dent on my shopping, but trust me…I’ll be doing PLENTY more damage before this sale ends on 7/31! Plenty. (Unless my husband’s reading this…In that case, NO damages have been done, love! We’re good…And you KNOW this, maaan!;))

Gymboree Sale On Now!

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