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Hey y’all! I told ya that I’d be back with part two for the gift series, and here we are – back and stuff. And for this go-round, we’ll talk about suggestions for that soon-to-be Mrs. you’re shopping for. One of my daughters was recently a bride her, so I’m pretty familiar with this process right now!

1. To start with, all you’ll need is a device to purchase this gift for the bride. Go to this link on Amazon to a) see if the happy couple has a registry set up, or b) peruse the shop for some unique wedding gifts. There’s always an option to donate to the cause, as well!

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2. Every marriage needs some fun, so help them out, by giving them this Mr & Mrs Vintage Wedding Cornhole Bag Set (corn-filled). First of all, I literally just can’t, because these are too friggin’ cute, you guys! Second, my fam LOVES playing cornhole at gatherings. And we may occasionally use the bags for throwing at each other, too. Possibly.

3. A bride has to look her best on this very special day! Because, let’s face it, everyone will be looking at her. So, how bout some gorge earrings, that can be worn for any fancy, future events too! These sterling silver full prong cubic zirconia birthstone teardrop bridal dangle earrings shine with beauty, adding a very luxurious touch.

4. This is a cute gift for the special lady, in those weeks before heading to the altar. She’s going to be running around for: fittings, last-minute purchases, and meeting up with family. And, of course, she’ll be ensuring that the groom’s keeping up with the things that he needs to! So, the Kate Spade New York Tumbler with Straw isn’t just adorable, it’s also a helpful way to rehydrate.

Side Note

Maybe you can find one for the mother-of-the-bride, also! I say that because, on my daughter’s wedding day I didn’t end up eating or drinking very much the whole day, until the reception, when I had a very large glass of wine. That evening came to a close with me passing out in my bathroom, chipping my front tooth and bruises and knots all over my body! After multiple tests, they were attributing it to my not hydrating enough. Scary stuff!

5. Most brides-to-be are planning to live it up with their girls, at a bachelorette party. This kit Of decorations, supplies and favors comes with 52 pieces, not only for the bride but also her maid-of-honor, and bridesmaids! And it’s a fabulous value!

6. Now, this is custom apparel for the Bridal Squad that’s high quality, unlike many places making counterfeit clothing and adding customization to it. The bride’s gear usually comes in white, and the rest of the squads colors is the buyers choice.

Personalized Striped Canvas Tote Bag – Multiple Colors Available

from: My Wedding Favors

7. Whether heading out on a honeymoon or a family vacation,

My Wedding Favors Striped Canvas Tote is a perfect on-the-go accessory! A gift that’s reusable again and again is one you can’t go wrong with.

8. These square ivory wedding invitations come in a kit, and can be sent blank, or they’ll pre-print the wedding information already on there for delivery. I haven’t heard anybody who has been dissatisfied with the final product yet!

9. This Hubby and Wifey est. xxxx (whichever year) mug set is a perfect gift for engagements, weddings or anniversaries! Remember the days when you (the new bride) had to have everything for showing off how you had become a Mrs.? Ok, actually I still do! Seriously though, I may have to make this purchase…

10. Now, this gift will only be for the bride that you’ve specifically spoken to, on their desire to get into better shape for the big day.

PLEASE don’t just assume she’s wanting this! Nobody wants to be that one, who makes the bride feel awful about herself before the wedding (or any other time for that matter)!

But, assuming you know this is something she’ll be ecstatic about, the Train With Jillian Michaels app is perfect! She’s already had the opportunity to help millions reach their goals, and now this world leading fitness expert and nutritionist, is guiding app users through every step of the way to reach their own goals. For the person wanting to find a personal trainer or coach, this is the answer!

If you think she might want to try it first, or even if you’re curious to check it out for yourself, with this link you can try the app one week for absolutely free!

Bruno Magli- White Woven Leather Sandal Wedges Sz 9

11. Current Boutique is a community that allows women to bring their designer gems they’re already in love with and recycle them into, new-to-her designer outfits. I specifically love the sandals here for a bridal gift, because they’ll need comfy shoes to wear pre-wedding, with all the running around they’ll be doing.

And these are what I believe to be some of top gifts for a bride-to-be! Was there anything you thought might be on my list, but wasn’t? Share those with me, and any of my readers, in the comments below!

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Finishing Thought

As always, I’m so thankful for y’all taking the time to read my blog. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you can receive new posts directly to your inbox! The next part of this series will be on gifts for people who typically just prefer to live with the basic necessities – these folks are really tough ones! TRUST me, I know.

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