The Creative Crafters Gift Guide


Happy holidays! I’m ready to get right into talking about gifts for the creative crafters. I think these individuals are brilliant, by the way! And I’ve given this guide lots of research. I still have tons of others coming up, too. You still have time to ask for something you want to see!

First of all, everyone knows that lady (maybe even ladies), who’s a complete creative maniac! She makes things around her house, and does all her own gifts. She kills it, too! You know the ones I’m talking about, right?? Well, I’ve found some products that are simply fantastic for them. I’m specifically psyched over this ultimate DIY machine! Due to the fact that you can make custom vinyl stickers with it, personalize any home decor, and even do some unique greeting cards. But, I really think highly of it, because you also have the ability to do custom designs on your clothing! Furthermore, your images can be uploaded for free. (Pretty sure that I’m on the nice list..right, Santa?) And there’s even more cool stuff here, also!

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Stamp Away

This is the most incredible stamp tool ever made! It has a design so simple, that it allows a consistent stamping experience every time – it’s great for both novice crafters, and the expert.

Home Made Luxe is a craft subscription box, and each month it contains all the materials you need to create gorgeous decor for the home. C’mon now, tell me this isn’t yet ANOTHER perfect gift?!


Anita Goodesign Landscape Animals (PROJ96).

The amazing thing about this collection is, you can be creative while making quilts when you use these designs!

People who do quilting amaze me. I’m quite positive that I’m not patient enough to ever quilt! Finally, when you click on the link, and use the code fivepercent, you can save 5% with my promotional discount.

Anita Goodesign Landscape Animals (PROJ96)

These ribbons are made with a solid, double-face satin fabric , which is perfect for crafting. In addition, you can also use them for hair-bows, bow ties, and wrapping holiday or birthday party gifts. They’re very high quality.

People who are creative, typically keep up with some sort of planner. And finally, with this special one that I’m showing you, you’ll receive overviews for each month, and handy-dandy sections for notes, too. They have great spreads in them, allowing plenty of space for writing daily schedules and to-do lists.

Scrapbooking has become another popular hobby for craft lovers, and BlueMoonScrapbooking is a fast growing online store, that features all of the newest and best companies in the industry!

Blue Moon Scrapbooking

Crafters have tons of accessories for getting creative, which is precisely why they need something handy for keeping it all! With an arts and crafts dining buffet (made of hardwood), they’re able to store their items, and have a unique piece of furniture.

For the crafting newby, this exclusive beginners deluxe drawing kit, is an intro must. Because it’s great to travel with, but even more than that, it’s simply a great gift!

Searching for creative tool sets for someone who enjoys painting? Then this art supply kit, with its own easel, is perfect! There’s fantastic selections for colors to choose from, as well.

So…Thoughts, Comments, Suggestions?

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God bless you, my friends! XOXOXO

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