Bring All People


What do you think it’d be bring everyone together in unity? How might it be..if we gave no regard to people’s age, sex, color or nationality? I get kinda sad, because of the possibility that my younger kids may never know this. Not that my older kids, or even myself for that matter, ever had a chance to truly experience it!

Unity, to be real, must stand the severest strain without breaking. Mahatma Gandhi

First of all, let me also say, it’s just so devastating that it’s like this. How did it all turn out in such a way, I wonder?

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Bring Your Imagination

I imagine everybody being kind: men, women, children and even foreigners – all throughout the city, heck even the world! Another thing I picture is all of us coming together to be the church, and honoring God in the process. Can you even fathom that experience? Furthermore, do you even know how to?

I wish I could. However, there will come a day that I will. Finally.

The Lord will lead you, and be there with you. He’ll never fail or leave you. Don’t worry, or be afraid! Deuteronomy 31:8

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