Avoiding the Bloodsuckers


It’s really a gift to have people in my age group who I can turn to, peers. Those that simply have a desire to share talk about raising children, working on their marriage, and just handling day-to-day life responsibilities. Not the bloodsuckers.

I have people in my life that are at various different stages of their own lives, however, sometimes I really just need the ones that can truly identify at the moment. Based on the state of our world, at this particular point and time.

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These peers are the friendships that I’m able to go to when I require assistance, and the ones who have absolutely zero expectations of getting repaid. Those other type of friendships are what I’m referring to as being bloodsuckers. Because, you see, there’s nothing monetary that’s capable of replacing the unconditional type of love. And the unconditional friendships.

There’s no dollar amount that we can place on the offer of a connection – of my life to someone else’s. A connection made simply because we’re both female, rather than them knowing you might be able to do something for them.

In order to be God’s hands and feet, I have to begin with the seeking out of a person also in need of a friend. And then, I have to stop thinking about myself for a while: my motives, and purpose. I have to begin by falling in love with relationships.

Bacon Soap

That’s hard for me. As many people know, I’m an introvert. And if I’m really being honest, maybe I’m like these bloodsuckers as well…

Not intentionally, of course! But I’ve lacked close friendships for so long, that I almost consider “friends” as my clients and associates from my job. What do they have in common? They’re helping me with getting something!

Bloodsuckers Are Soooo Uncool

That’s not who I want to be, though. Obviously, I hope to have people around that I can have a good time with. However I believe partners to share my life with, and vice versa, in this often very cruel world is much more valuable. It’s who I want to be for others.

“Some friends are fun to be with, but a true friend can be better than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24

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