Entrepreneur Gift Guide, Part Two

I, of course, consider myself an entrepreneur. So, it goes without saying, I have a lot of opinions about what we need to make our venues a success! Which is why I had to do a part two for this particular gift guide.

If you didn’t get to check out part one, then take a peek and tell me what you think after you read both of them! Without further ado, then…Here’s my other ten gift/must-have purchase ideas.

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Precious Moments

1. This item contains a brand new inkjet printer directly from Canon and a full set of Inkedibles™ refillable ink cartridges. These are easy to refill, and the auto-reset chips make sure your system will keep printing refill after refill. While I did mention ink cartridges in the last entrepreneur gift guide, I had to make sure I made note of the actual printer itself in part two!

Inkedibles Canon ip3600 Bundled Printing System - includes brand new printer with complete set of edible ink cartridges

Inclusions For Part Two

2. Y’all, you must know how important it is to keep your records on file. With my real estate business I have client information online, through my broker, and yes – even a hard copy! At least for a certain amount of time.

This file cabinet fits under most desks, and even though it’s pretty strong, it’s also lightweight making it easy to move if necessary. It’ll accommodate almost any file for you.

Iceberg Box/Box/File Mobile Pedestal Files

3. StockUnlimited.com is a website that has stock content, which provides the subscriber with no restrictions on their downloads of vector graphics, images, photos, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and more. They add thousands of new and fresh files weekly, to make sure they always meet needs with the most up-to-date material. Their mission actually, is to help users communicate beautifully, without breaking the budget.

36 mths

Basic Entrepreneurship

4. Deluxe Business Services has a platinum logo design package that allows you one concept. You keep all ownership rights! A logo, as any good entrepreneur knows, is what makes your company stand out.

In reality, we probably should’ve been talking about this way before part two of these posts! For some of us, it’s just an automatic to come up with our logos, but it’s also a really easy step to miss.

Platinum Logo Package

5. Surpassing its rivals in providing powerful, user-friendly features, including: Graphic Designers, Beautification Suites, a slew of photo enhancers and optimizers, a collage maker and HDR capability, Fotor is truly an all-in-one visual platform. Consequently, the sheer amount of businesses that are utilizing them for design and advertisement creations are testaments of this.

6. This high quality dry-erase board is durable, with a touch of elegance. It includes a snap-on tray for the eraser and marker. Perfect for keeping track of your numbers! I know my husband definitely feels a dry-erase board is a must.

3M Mahogany Frame Melamine Dry-erase Boards

from: Bulk Office Supplies

7. I have to go back to Deluxe Business Services for the design of your website. Their services are fantastic and, depending on the template you decide on, you’ll receive additional HTML content with the design.


8. The thing about being an entrepreneur is that when inspiration strikes, we’re ready to begin doing our homework. You’ve got to have a handy-dandy notebook to jot down the things that inspire you right when they hit! While I love and certainly use my notepad app on my phone, I’ve also had the misfortune of losing that information before.


In Closing

9. Last but not least to this part two of my entrepreneur series, a snazzy business card! You want to make sure it’s so eye-catching that people won’t even think about tossing it to the side. I know when someone’s asking me for a referral to hire people for a specific job, I’ll always choose to give them the best looking card I’ve got.

Country Rustic Monogram Branch & Wood Wedding Business Card

Ok, now that I’ve gotten all of those off my chest, I feel like I’ve given you some useful tools to go forward in your endeavors! How about you? Are you happy with the information I’ve put out here?

Next, we’ll take a peek at the fun things that you can use for family night! And that’s so exciting to me, because there’s nothing more valuable than spending time with the people who motivate you to do everything you’re doing. Don’t you agree?