A Heart Revelation

I reveal the things that matter to me, every time I give. It’s very telling whenever I talk about the ways I use my money, revealing what it is that’s most important to me and what’s inside my heart.

If you’re looking at how I spend my time, you’ll likely make the assumption that my kids are what’s most important. But, if you’re looking at how I spend my money, you might assume my hobbies are what matter the most.

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Unless I have an investment of some kind in Starbucks, I’m probably not going to care about it too much. However if I want to know all the details about how their sales are going because I went out and bought stocks in it, all of a sudden I’m sticking my heart where my money’s at.

Buying stuff just isn’t that important. My life isn’t about the things that I have.

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I’m going to die just like you’re going to die, and it doesn’t matter whether I have a lot or a little when that time comes. My whole purpose in being here just simply isn’t about things!

What it is about however, is figuring out the best way to love others. When it’s time to take my last breath, if I’ve got a closet full (make that plural – closets – for some) of outfits and heels, but I’m on the outs with family? Then, I’d say I never fully understood my purpose.

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When I’m giving of my time and effort though, it sends out a message that my faith’s a priority. The heart matters..love means something.

There’s only one way to break the hold of materialism – it’s in giving. So every time I give, showing generosity to others, I loosen up the grip its got on me.

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My Heart

I wasn’t put here to live with everything that the world has to offer. It’s pointless to try and store things up that I can’t bring with me to heaven.

What I’m living for is that which is still to come. That’s what I hope my heart will reveal!

“But we’re citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we’re eagerly waiting for Him to return as our Savior.”

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