World Tragedy: We, The People

We can find ourselves with constant questions, about the tremendous brokenness of our world. People always ask why these evil acts happen. It simply just keeps continuing, though there’s no doubt – one day it’ll come to an end.

In my picture perfect world, people would enjoy life with the ones they love, and wouldn’t require darkening their visions with all the poison we’re living with. I guess…I just envision a world that truly consists of living, loving and laughing. Not naive, just wishful.

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Just in my city alone, there’s been countless tragedies this past year. Sutherland Springs, in particular, stands out…Here was this congregation of believers, gathering as they had every other Sunday morning. And the majority who were there – were then just gone. Because a man was angry, and had a desire to see people suffer.


Then there’s the numerous teenagers shot from gang violence, either because of direct involvement or because they were simply unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And then, we heard of this young girl – my youngest daughter’s age – who took her last breath Thanksgiving Day. Why? Because her brother was on the outs with another gang member, and her death was just an event that took place during a retaliation.

It sickens me. My stomach tangles in knots when thinking about it. What if this was my child? What if that had been our church? It’s all just too much!

Promise To The World

Yet I know..the suffering is certain to end. Nothing will go without punishment. I guess that has to be enough to be sure of.

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Anybody whose name wasn’t found written in the book of life, was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:15