How Cheer Prevents Family Blowouts From Happening

What I can say makes me feel like I’ve been given a huge dose of cheer is my house oozing of smiles and laughter. It means that everyone’s getting along with each other, and loving one another. I have to admit, it’s more challenging than it sounds.

What I mean is, I’m not saying that having a home full of cheer is similar to going to court and throwing out ridiculous claims, like the K’s are doing with Blac Chyna and her ridiculous attempt to claim some fame. (They’ll dismiss that case before an attorney says Ray J, BTW!) But, there are certain steps that have to be made, in order to create a happy home.


First of all, there’s a mood that needs to be set! Our house has to be fun, for all of us to want to be there together. We all have a role to play, being more loving and engaging with one another. It keeps things cheerful!

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This takes effort, y’all. Second, with all the different personalities thrown in the mix, disagreements are bound to occur. Of course, this makes it more challenging to get along!

Finding common ground is crucial. The reason is, because that’s where we’ll want to spend the majority of our time focusing on. A common ground will also make getting along, and enjoying the time we have together, even more appealing! For my family, it usually will have something to do with football or food.

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A Dose of Cheer

The third and final thing to remember is, love’s patient and always kind. It keeps no record of wrongdoings! Love means, we try to see a point of view that’s different than our own. ‘Nuff said.


A cheerful heart is good medicine, but the crushing of a spirit will dry up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

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