Give Me One Reason: Finding Life’s Purpose

I have a reason to be here..right now, at this particular time and place. There wasn’t a mistake!

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I’ve felt down about things and then start questioning my purpose, and what my reason for being here really is. Much as you probably do, I imagine. Because we simply grow weary from fighting constant battles. Consequently, it can get pretty intense sometimes – at least for me it does. The past few years, after finally leaving my corporate America job, I’ve had a difficult time finding the desire to pick myself up and go about my day. The stress in my marriage also got to an all-time high, then on top of that my real estate career didn’t necessarily take off how I was hoping it would. That’s the reason I gave for wallowing in self-doubt. And trust me, there were many days that I did!

Then, I saw this light at the end of my struggles one day. So I went to find my notepad to write, and got out my Bible. Thus began my new regular routine: reading my Bible, self-reflecting with devotionals, and taking notes on all of it. I did this daily, and I still haven’t quit!

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It was a way to start over again, letting God work in my life – and He has, beginning deep within, making His way out. I saw the way this began to make me successful. Maybe not as the world views success, but successful following His will.

Unable to Reason

People – all people – aren’t ever going to be without flaws. And my husband’s one of those people. In his flesh, he wasn’t exactly what I’d call approachable nor did he make it easy to talk to him. I guess, well..can you really blame him? He was completely freaking out, about how he’d provide for our family!

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With God however, in His total perfection, I’m able to approach whenever or wherever. I can turn to Him, and know He’s capable of equipping me with all I need. My life isn’t’s all His, for only His glory!

First of all, I absolutely, unequivocally have a purpose. Sometimes it takes a little digging to see it, is all. My purpose is bringing God praise for all the beauty He blesses my life with! It’s that simple, y’all. Really!

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Sure, there will be other tasks along the way. Every single time I catch a glimpse of beauty though, my purpose is to give Him all the glory and praise! Amen.

We have no doubts about what we’re doing, or why. But it’s hard going, and we need your prayers. All we care about is living well before God. Pray that we can be together soon. May He who put all things together and makes all things whole, who made a lasting mark through the sacrifice of Jesus and His blood, sealing the eternal covenant; who led our Great Shepherd up and alive from the dead, now also put you together. May He give you everything you need to please Him; make us into what gives him the most pleasure, by means of the sacrifice of the Messiah. All glory to Jesus, forever and always! Hebrews 13:18-21

Your Turn

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How are you allowing God to work in your life? And what fruits are you seeing from it? I’d love to know where you are on your journey! Share it in the comments below. It’s always humbling to me, knowing you’re choosing to join me on another part of my journey through reading my thoughts. In addition, if you’d like to keep up with my future posts, please subscribe also so you’ll get those in your email! God bless, friends. Xoxoxo ~ Jenn