Brew Master: Gifts to Help Them Live a Better Life

First of all, I have no idea what it is other people love about brew. Since I’ve never thought of it as pleasant, I usually go for a lovely glass of wine or spirits to drink! My husband, on the opposite end, enjoys popping open a bottle of beer every now and then. I ask him for the first sip sometimes, because I just need to reassure myself that “Nope. Still don’t like it.”

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I know my husband isn’t in the minority either, because I’ve met some pretty avid brew lovers – and I’m talking, people who actually make their own! So, Christmas may have already said hello and goodbye, but in a few weeks Valentines Day shall be among us. Therefore, allow me to share some pretty nifty gifts that you can start considering for your brew master!

All About the Brew

1. Craft Beer Club is ALL about the brew, my friends. They offer a monthly club that delivers the finest American craft beer right to their customers’ doorsteps.

From ales and lagers to porters and stouts, it’s the perfect way to discover the multitude of styles for American beers. Furthermore, each selection is by small-production, independent brewers who use only traditional ingredients and methods. This is meant to say, they offer the most flavorful, high-quality beers, very different from the mainstream, high-profile versions. In addition, members can choose from 12 or 24 bottles a month of 4 different styles of beer, and even select the frequency of delivery with: monthly, quarterly, or every other month. There’s never a sign up requirement or monthly fees. Members can cancel at anytime, for any reason and shipping is always free in the US. (Craft Beer Club does NOT ship to Utah.) Not only do you get free shipping, but you can also get up to 3 bonus gifts now, by clicking this promotional link here!

Beer Foamer Mug Sparkling Beer Mug (300ml)

from: FastTech

2. This is a great gift, but it’s not for every brew master. Because some are very much against the idea of having more head on the beer, but for those like myself, who may hold a glass if there’s no other adult beverage to offer are perfectly fine with more foam. So, just make sure you know their style! I personally think this mug is legit, but I’m also the girl who gets a cappuccino over a latte. The handle is what will allow more of a foam on the beer.

Beer Cap Traps

Wall Accents

3. Houzz offers some of the most inventive items, and this cap organizer is no exception! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the brew master in your life, then you really need to look no further. For those who are sick of all the beer caps found in their desk drawers, cups, and various other places, they have to have this cap holder! Each one’s precisely laser cut, to easily fit most standard beer bottles. To use, you simply insert your cap from the back and voila, you’ve got a personal piece of wall art!

Kansas City Chiefs Craft Beer Flight – Brown

Sports Lovin’ Beer Drinkers

4. Show off dedication to a favorite sports team at the next get-together with this craft beer flight. It’s tray has two-tiers which includes four 4oz. beer glasses that suspend from the top shelf, and there’s a hollow area for the caps. The flight also features a chalkboard panel so you can label the brews with a pencil that comes with it. This fantastic gift will guarantee to highlight a sports fans team spirit!

Due to the fact that I feel like I’d be remiss not saying, if I were a brew master this would clearly be a Dallas Cowboys beer flight. But since my husband is the master of this category, I’ll use his Kansas City Chiefs as the example! Moving on…

Beer Barrel Cornhole Set - 107-beerbarrel - Ncaa College Life Lifepacific Running Eagles Bbq Sets

5. First of all, this top-of-the-line gift is great for anybody, and the Beer Barrel Cornhole Set at Mansion Athletics will also be the absolute life of any party! It comes ready to play, with your choice of 8 bags. I absolutely love this gift idea, because my family’s big on outdoor games at our get-togethers!


6. Made with aluminum, this metal sign gives an aging effect with what appears to be rustic edges, and a scratchy, faded appearance to the paint. It already has mounting holes pre-set in it, and is suitable to hang inside or out. Due to it being weatherproof, it won’t show signs of fading from the sun for many years. This individually handmade sign is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, doors, garages, man caves, cubicle walls..any place someone wants a small, unique decoration.

square beer coasters – black & silver – football (set of 12)

from: Evermine

Turn Down for What!

7. Touchdown! This style of coasters is perfect for a birthday or Super Bowl party. The football is front and center – if you couldn’t tell, it’s kind of a big thing in our house – and the player number (or age, for a birthday party) is a bold, college letter style. Add any other information to it, and you’ll be all set! These coasters for your brew, come in different shapes and styles at Evermine. They’re all disposable!

Glasses Of Beer On Beer Wave Cutting Board

8. This eye catching glass cutting board isn’t only beautiful, but useful also. It might even be a favorite for home chefs or restaurant owners, too. Its functional, sanitary and heat resistant cutting surface is ideal for slicing, dicing, and mincing, or using as a protective workspace for saucepans and hot dishes. The board includes self-adhesive rubber so when you place it against the wall in a standing position, it looks great for decorative purposes also! The professional coat Houzz puts on, ensures that it remain nice to look at, while making a terrific conversation piece in the kitchen. An amazing gift for any occasion!

True TDD-1-S Beer Dispenser, 1 Keg, Stainless Steel

9. The True Solid Swing Door Stainless Steel Direct Draw Beer Dispenser has one door, for one keg capacity. The aluminum glass rail provides convenient storage for glasses to go on top, plus it has a seal door. It’s a gift for only the ultimate brew master!

Glasses of Beer on Beer Wave Microfiber Throw Pillow, With Fill

Decorate The Pad

10. Accent any home, or dorm room, with these Microfiber Throw Pillows. It’ll be the perfect complement to a couch, bed, etc. and you’ll also be the envy of many friends…The Glasses of Beer on a Beer Wave Design makes for an ideal gift on any occasion!

Crestware Stainless Steel Portable Beer Cooler

The Beast

11. Finally, this big guy. It’s a portable cooler for the brew with a 17 gallon capacity, a folding plastic middle lid giving easy access to either side, a durable stainless steel casing, a sturdy iron base with coating and four 4in. commercial grade wheels (with locks). It’s another gift only a serious brew master could truly appreciate!

These are my top gift suggestions for the brew master in your life. I also, have already come up with things to get my husband this Valentines Day! I’ll be back in just a few days, to let you know what I’ve found for the hottest trends to get the fashion lovers in your life.

Your Turn

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