The Reason I Get Rid Of Pins (yes, on purpose…)

I put a lot of effort into creating an awesome page on Pinterest. I’ve meticulously gone through the selection process to get the most fantastic pins on their proper boards. Then all of a sudden – I start reading blogs saying I should trash them!

The *@!? you just say?!

You have to be out yo’ damn mind!!

And what, pray tell, is the reason I’m trashing these?

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What on earth would make me trash items I painstakingly took the time selecting?

Let me explain that reason, friends: We’re getting rid of them, because there’s simply just too many.

So, as “all those” reduce, and ones we keep begin to re-pin like crazy we’re suddenly Pinterest geniuses.

As fast as you can blink, rather than appearing to be a newbie, posting stuff like a mad-person, you’ll appear like you’ve got some secret formula.

And quickly, the platform begins having faith in you to generate the best products. Next thing you know, you’re winning.

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Because suddenly, your content that was receiving (if you were lucky) a couple of shares every now and then, is now receiving 3 times what it was!

So, look it over and trash once more.

Go look again – lo and behold, that triple sharing increases in the double digits!

I understand Pinterest recognizes individuals seen as powerful on their site..which only happens when you receive a lot of re-shares!

And, not to pull your chains or anything, but I’ve only began doing it on my own account a short time ago. However, I’m without a doubt noticing as I resurface items on particularly popular boards, the shot it has at receiving more shares increases greatly from what it originally would’ve.

While I keep resurfacing better content, there’s no doubt these will continue magnifying..and I’m not the only one doing this!

Prior to you pulling an all-nighter on all of this though, let me offer you some suggestions on trashing your content that you might find helpful.

Stick Your Pins In The Trash As If You’ve Done It Before

I. Don’t Rush

Start with a few. You don’t want any alarms going off! I’ve never put more than 65 pieces of my content in the trash in one day. But, since I began doing this just a month ago, I’d be ok moving that number up to around 115. My analytics show things moving around the same pace, so far.

II. A Little Goes A Long Way

If you want to begin with a single board, then first pick which one you want ..which one you’re hoping goes crazy viral, and then start deleting.

Continue to delete, stopping when you’ve got to how many you’re wanting to keep. For instance, when you’re just starting out pinning with a purpose, maybe you can simply get rid of ones that haven’t gotten any re-pins. When you’ve been doing it for some time, and maybe you’ve got a few that are doing well, you can get rid of anything with less than 10 re-pins.

After going through your entire account, go to the very first one you began with and check the results. By now, you might even be able to get rid of some more, from adjusting the amount of re-shares you’d like.

III. When A Whole Section Is Tanking, Don’t Hesitate Getting Rid Of The Whole Board

Perhaps your content is changing, or you’ve come to realize people following you simply have no interest in specific types of pins. It doesn’t matter why, but getting rid of that whole section is just fine, too. Making changes to your account and your brand, so you can attract the audience you want, is a terrific way to handle it.

(Full disclosure now…I haven’t even gotten through editing my own account!)

IV. Continue Getting Rid Of Pins

From here, you’ll want to keep removing them regularly, and delete what’s not attracting followers. Getting rid of content needs to become a routine for you on Pinterest.

I generally let pins sit for a couple of days, maybe a week, before I make the decision to get rid of it.

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V. Don’t Get Antsy

Pins are liable to sit for a while before they have activity. Therefore, set lower expectations for the sections after making adjustments. Remember, this could require a couple of days or so on Pinterest. Which is fine..don’t get antsy, and stop altogether!

In saying that, there are some pins that become a hit right off the bat. But there’s also some that sit close to a month before people take notice of them. These could be stagnant pins with no activity at all, then boom! You wake up to find they’ve gotten 35 shares. Only, the point is, we’re too busy to hope for the best on these ..our mission is to let the site know we’re worthy of following, because of the amazing content we’re putting out there! This is why I typically won’t go more than a week before getting rid of stuff that’s receiving zero activity.

My success isn’t going to come from twiddling my thumbs, waiting around for a few pins to take off. Because, I’m looking for success to happen ASAP. So, the more shares I’m getting on content is my primary goal!

VI. Just Relax

I understand why someone might think that by getting rid of their own content, they’ll miss out on chances for more shares, and basically have to start over from scratch, in regards to that pin. Wrong, it’s simply a misconception. If you get rid of pins, you only remove them off your account. Any that others are sharing stay alive and well, therefore, you can relax.

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The pins are still out there on other boards, but since we’ve gotten rid of them we’re setting ourselves up for success! Yay!

VII. Dare To Be Different…Trust Yourself

There’s always a pro out there that wants to offer some sound advice, like “just wait around for your success”. Except my issue with this is, every share continues to live on through others Pinterest accounts. Meaning, should they choose to market that particular item over time, there’s no problem..the pins stay where others share them.

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Plus, let’s assume it actually had no activity. Ok – simply pin once more down the way, to check if anything changes. Remember, there’s much more pressing things we can concern ourselves with.

Because, if you get right down to it, just sitting idle and not being proactive isn’t taking an efficient approach to achieving the outcome you desire. We must always have a game plan, and we have to be smart about it. Getting rid of content can quickly bring the success we’re hoping for – rather than just living on a prayer. And anybody who knows me or my blog, knows how big I am on prayer! But we have to be a part of getting the results we’re looking for, sometimes.

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We’ve got a choice..should we aim for success ASAP? Or do we take the wait-and-see approach?

No – the second one wasn’t a real option!

Thank You

My gratitude bursts from your interest in my thoughts. What has been your experience on Pinterest? Do you think getting rid of pins is absolutely absurd? I’m dying to know what y’all think! Leave me some comments. God bless, friends! XOXOXO ~ Jenn

The Short-Lived Victories: When’s Enough, Enough?

When I’m successful in getting through the difficulties I’ve been dealing with, I’ll end up cutting the victories short, because I begin to freak out about whether it’ll come back. I mean, first of all, isn’t that really kind of stupid to do? It’s a struggle to walk through this life sometimes, constantly praying for God’s help. And yet He always does provide, while I still continue the griping and moaning about the unknown!

No doubt, it’s tempting to question if my troubles will come back to bite me in the rear! I begin to wonder whether the victories are simply temporary. What if I could just be thankful, though? Furthermore, I could even hope – better yet, be expectanct – that the problem I overcame has made its last entrance.

*This post may contain affiliate links for products I love, so if you make a purchase through one of these, I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you. For my full disclaimer, please click here.

God’s got my back! He always has, and He always will.

And I know this, but still get that familiar heart pounding in my chest. The doubts begin quickly overpowering my victories. It’s crazy! And I’m ready for it to stop. It’s also tiring to live in a constantly negative world, and I refuse to participate in it anymore!

Owning the Victories

I’m going to claim my victories – give thanks for them, and then I’m simply going to live. And keep on living another day as long as God gives them to me to live. No more wasting this amazing life away on gnawing wonders of what’s to come. I’m drawing the line in the sand. But guess what? The One who already put any questions about death to rest…He’s on my side, and really, He won the ultimate battle. Mic drop. (Psst..thanks, Jesus!)


My hope for you is that whenever God answers your prayers, you’ll celebrate. Claim it to be the end of the issue! Don’t peek around corners for a quick glimpse of what might be hiding.

Thank you, as always, for reading! Let me know how I can pray for you in the comments, or send me a message here. God bless, friends! XOXOXO ~ Jenn