Absolutely Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Who has trouble thinking of new gift ideas for the husband? My head’s hanging a little lower by admitting this, but I typically stick with the tiresome sports team stuff. It’s just easy! The thing is, I’ve got more occasions to give him gifts, than anyone else. Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas…So, it’s time to break the routine, and get creative for our sanchos.

Am I the only one who has difficulties finding the “perfect gift” for my husband? And yes, I’m very aware my default shouldn’t be to always give sports fan stuff, however, it’s becoming more of a challenge to get away from, with each year that passes. And now with his birthday around the corner, I’ve thought up some unique (well, to me anyways) ideas that maybe you’ll also be able to make use of!

First of all, if there’s nothing specific that your husband wants, then what the heck do you get him?! Maybe a new memory? You could take him to a favorite sports arena (yes, I realize that I immediately went to sports again), or to a beer tasting event; if you’re looking for gifts that aren’t going to break the bank, here are a few memory-making ideas to try right here in town (or close enough):

The Shooting Range+Your Husband =FUEGO!

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Get him some practice at the gun range, so he can tidy up his aim, but also to really impress you. Not sure of one that’s near you? Mission Ridge Range & Academy will let you test out different firearms, and see which is the best fit. It actually makes for a sexy time together, if you’re into that sorta thing!

Book A Fave

Texas is the best place ever! Specifically, though, for relaxing next to your husband with a couple of cold brews in hand. So, why not do something that’ll make it a little more memorable? Get out there and enjoy a beer tasting event, Take a look at The Hangar Bar or Ranger Creek, then make a day of it.

Tequila 101

Maybe a day of learning more about his favorite tequila would be better? Well, thank goodness this amazing city can more than oblige there, too!! There are things like tequila showcasing, all the way to educational events, and these places will take good care of you: Cibolo Moon, Tacos and Tequila, and Rio Rio Cantina.

Let Him Feel Like Steven Tyler For A Day

If your husband wants rock star treatment, take him to Nice to Be Kneaded (getting a massage isn’t just for us, ladies). He’ll receive a fabulous rub down from one of my good friends, who also happens to be the owner!

Painting Class

Got a creative fella? Here you go, then!

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Painting art can be quite soothing to the soul, and it’s awesome to learn how to do. Furthermore, taking yourself seriously? It isn’t required! Go to Painting with a Twist, so he can be an artist for the day; plus, it makes for a fab date night, since you can also take a bottle (or two) of wine along!

“If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird”

It doesn’t matter if he’s an experienced jumper, or it’s his first time. This is considered one of the best experiences ever (or..I hear it is, anyway). Take your husband for an exhilarating experience, and jump out of an airplane! Skydive San Marcos provides an awesome opportunity to do just that. Finally, you might even have a blast doing this with your kids IF they’re older. Or make it a group date!

He’ll Be Floores-ed

John T. Floore’s Country Store is the definition of Texas Honky Tonk, and they’re well-known for hosting performances by legends. So, if the man in your life enjoys good music, he’ll be thrilled to head out here! Check their social media sites for the lineups.

Get Your Groove On

Is getting dressed to the nines and dancing closely something your lover-boy enjoys? Then take the night to another level by going to Lush Rooftop San Antonio or The Well, for an evening of dancing and drinking (responsibly, of course)!

Crazy Places

When life gets too crazy, then go to the beach! Set up a weekend for your family to head out to one of the lodges on Surfside Beach, or Mustang Island State Park and prepare yourselves for the adventure that awaits.

Take a Breather

Has your husband been working too hard, and for too long? Maybe he needs to stop a minute, and enjoy life again? Here are some relaxing things to get him that might help:


Some guys are leery of the words “spa day”, but the warm and relaxing atmosphere of Euro Day Spa & Salon might change all of that! In addition, his soul is sure to be refreshed when you book a day for him to get the gentleman’s comprehensive facial, which is designed uniquely for a man’s skin type.

Living on a Prayer

Search on Eventbrite for a Christian men’s retreat, that’s designed for men by men; where the only goal is finding absolute healing through Jesus.

Get Fit

Is your husband ready to get in shape, but he’s requiring the equipment to get started? Then, I’m guessing his excitement would go through the roof with a membership to Life Time Fitness!

Let Him Be A Show-Off

Is your man a competitive guy? I’d suggest that dude be hooked up to a local boxing gym, then. It’s a great way to get a workout, but it’s also a huge stress reliever!

Wanting to Look Better

At Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salons, the stylists are specialists, trained in the art of a straight-razor shave. As a result, he’ll be sure to feel on top of his game when walking out of there!

The Good Ol’ Days

Remind that man of yours how physically attractive he is (hence, be encouraging) and then, pamper him! Because he deserves to have a plan set up specifically for him, by a top-notch personal trainer.

Looking Like a Superstar

This section is all about guys who enjoy looking suave and high-class:

Handcrafted Goods

Men who love classic, handmade items, will certainly cherish the stuff at Saddleback Leather. They’ve got everything, including key chains, so hook him up with some style!


Who says girls are the only ones who can have cute stuff? Show these gentlemen how making your clothes look good, doesn’t have to be a hard task.

Masculine Art

If he desperately needs help to consistently stay up with the latest trends, due to a lack of style, he may need some help with picking an eye-catching tattoo. Make sure he gets something dear to his heart, and schedule that appointment!

Tough Guy

Having one of the best backpacks will give your sweetheart a very modern way to haul around all of the daily necessities. Today we have very well-made bags, that really, any guy can use!

Yummy Food

We can get a fab meal – and some amazing drinks – at many places around our city, yet..what my husband considers “the ultimate location” for dinner, and what tickles my fancy, aren’t usually one and the same. So, I’m naming off some places that have hearty meals for Mr. Caveman, but also got great selections for us to choose from – it’s all about that win/win:

Chester’s Hamburgers

Chester’s Hamburgers is a pretty straightforward place to get a fabulous burger, fries, and milkshake or a brew. The cool neon signage throughout the restaurant, is a bonus!

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q

There’s probably many who’d disagree with me, but I think there’s really only one choice when naming the best BBQ in town! And I’m sure EVERYONE has been to Rudy’s. Right?? We’re so blessed to have this type of wonderful-ness in the 210 area, and you should look up a location RIGHT NOW, if you’ve never had Rudy’s Bar-B-Q.

The County Line

On the opposite end, and because this is a sensitive topic here in Texas – I’ll go ahead and give another “fresh off the grill” option – because you can’t go wrong with the either. The County Line offers a laid back atmosphere and usually has live music playing, which makes for a great night out. Heck, do both BBQ places – on different nights, of course – for that special guy of yours! As much as I like to go to fancier restaurants, there’s just not too much you can complain about, when it comes to BBQ.

Magazine Subscriptions

Don’t know which magazine(s) to choose? A subscription is a treat for them to enjoy for much longer than a day. You decide the length of it (up to a couple of years, is usually an option!), then get the party started!

Food & Wine

Is he someone who gets excited about meals & different wines to try? Food & Wine could be an amazing treat for him, then. It gives top of the line advice for a top of the line man!


GQ is a well-known magazine for men, that offers various style techniques to try, entertainment and world news..and yes, ladies..an occasional model or two to look at, usually when talking about sex. The dudes love GQ!


This is a style magazine only a man with an amazing stylish outlook can grasp; Esquire is the perfect gift for that kinda guy!

The Family Handyman

Complete with accurate instructions: from improving the home and yard, all the way to the vehicle, The Family Handyman will help the entire family nail any home improvement projects.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a must-read, for men wanting to look, feel, and live better. This is so much more than just a magazine, because it offers solutions to the chaos, confusion and even suffering in the regular man’s daily life.


Breaking news and analysis from Time Magazine, will keep him in the know on politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news. This American weekly news magazine is published in NYC and founded in 1923, so they must be doing something right. You can talk with him on virtually any subject, and he’ll be up-to-date!

Your turn! What’d I miss? Was there anything spot-on that you’d absolutely try out? Leave me your comments! And subscribe for more!

Inappropriate Flirting 

Flirting outside of your marriage is wrong, no matter what way you look at it. It’s never ok to do, and there’s no good reason for it!

If you have a spouse, and are flirting with other people, you’re making a big mistake. I completely get it though, trust me!

Nobody’s able to tick us off quite like a spouse! Then Joe Blow walks in, with the attention we’ve been craving, and it’s tempting for us to respond.

I mean, nothing’s wrong with a few “harmless” interactions. Our spouse may be more likely to pay better attention to us! Right? Wrong. Don’t. Do. It.

Flirting ISN’T the Answer

I’ve gotta say, it’s just mind-boggling to me, the amount of people that go through this type of thing. It’s a sure way to slowly kill your marriage!

***This post contains affiliate links and I’ll receive compensation if you make any purchases after clicking my links.

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Only, I’m not sure why it’s so preposterous to me. I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to respond to a flirtatious man.

No Excuses for Extramarital Flirting

There’s no good reason for flirting outside of your relationship, though! It’s a catalyst for indiscretions.

“I’m just a friendly person!” That’s actually what one married guy – yep, there’s been more than one – said to my husband, when he confronted this “gentleman” about inappropriate advances towards me. I don’t want to say that these friendly people are non-existent, because I know they do and have probably done nothing to deserve these accusations.

Wake Up

Who in their right mind would buy this “friendly person” excuse, though? Particularly, when it’s clear as mud that your spouse’s friendliness is similar to that of a dog in heat! Since I’m keeping it real here, I don’t think that a flirting spouse has issues with being too much of a “social person”; the more likely issue, is they have to feed their obsessive ego.

This is what an inappropriate flirt might look like:

– being overly polite to the opposite sex;

– having inappropriate phone conversations that aren’t ones they’d want their spouse to hear. How the flirting’s done doesn’t really matter; ALL the ways of doing it will likely lead to the dissolution of a marriage.

My ONLY Romantic Partner

My romance is given to one man that’s worthy of it – my husband. He can flirt with me until the end of time!

Whether he is or isn’t though, nobody else should even bother, because it isn’t a point that I’m willing to make in that way. I call this “being in a mature relationship”.

Marriage has enough struggles

without adding inappropriate behavior to the mix. That may just light a fire up that you’re unable to contain! I stated earlier how I’ve been on the receiving end of quite a few shameful advances, and for the most part I’ve got it covered, without requiring my husband’s involvement.

So to the new, and future, gentlemen “friends” I make on social media, I offer you a few words of advice:

Don’t invite me on Messenger, DM or otherwise! Not interested.

– If your first remarks are about my physical appearance, these will also probably be your last remarks.

– I’ve been gifted with a very attentive husband; one who pays attention to details, such as when a gentleman “loves” pictures of me, that also happen to be ones without him in it. The value of your “friendship”, well, it means about a quarter of the amount his comfort level means.

Besides all of that though, I love connections I’ve been able to make online! It’s a fantastic way of knowing who’s in your community, and sphere of influence; for both my career, and being able to provide (and/or receive) encouragement (and/or prayers) to (and/or from) my brothers and sisters in Christ.

What About You?

Are you presently married? Have you had problems with one of you inappropriately flirting? What words of wisdom can you offer to us? Talk with me in the comments below! Please! I’d love to hear about your experiences.