The Unthinkable: No Last Conversations

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Last Conversation

I have this bad habit of letting my mind wander at night. I wish it wouldn’t go to the places that it does. A common area is imagining the unthinkable: something happening my kids & never having that last conversation with them. The one where you correct the things said or unsaid from the previous conversation. It happens most regarding my two girls that aren’t at home any longer. 

It messes with me the most when there’s been an argument or a tense discussion from the an occasion that we’ve spoken. I don’t know if I could handle it – being left with such guilt over things that I will never get to say in that one last conversation. 

Making Things Right 

See, my aunt passed away not that long ago, and I thought often about how we’d had a falling out – pretty sure it was the only one ever – a couple of years prior to her passing. I look back on the issue from this time and think of how differently it should’ve been handled. 

I ended up saying & doing things that I regretted. But I’m thankful that we were able to patch up the distance that had established between us. And for getting to have many other chances to express our love for one another. It still shakes me up though, to imagine the way things could’ve gone. I do love that we got to spend quite a bit of time together before she died, but even with that, I can start feeling guilty when I think of it, because I just loved her so much! 

And I realize that there’s so many people out there, living with what my worst nightmare is – not getting that chance. To  say the things that were unspoken; to resolve the differences; to regret the methods of communication used, to have been withholding any love…

So I give my guilt over to God when it shows up; then, I remember that I did get forgiveness in my situation with my aunt & I also was able to give it. Even if it HAD gone differently, I know she’d still have forgiven me..

See, there’s no grudges held in heaven; it’s covered with forgiveness instead. Those of us left behind might still be holding them..most likely against ourself. How    valuable might it be though, just learning from the situation instead? And as a result, becoming more aware of the way that I’m treating the ones I love who ARE still here?

Guilt is so pointless, and God heals. I pray that others would experience His healing if they haven’t already.

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we’ll receive his mercy & we’ll find grace to help us when we need it most.” Hebrews 4:16 

25 Amazon Products I’m Jazzed About 

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I know you’ll be just as pumped about these products as I am! You also should be aware, as the author, any purchases made from a link in this article could provide a portion of the sale back to me. 

1. A memorial stone to remember a loved one in their passing.

The thoughtfulness and sincerity offered to a friend who’s going through a bad time can let them be reminded that even though life can be pretty damn crappy at times, they have someone who cares. It’s a simple token..but it wields an extremely important – and powerful – message: “You’re not alone”     

2. Tongue-in-cheek car mirror decal that speaks some truth, because really..ain’t nobody got time for that.                              

It appears to be a good, light topic if someone’s tagging along with me or even for other people that happen to see it while they’re out and about. 

3. Oddly intriguing booty enhancing cream to target the derrière.

If I can “enhance” my butt quickly and naturally..I mean, why wouldn’t I be onboard?! It’s a month’s supply, which shows results by the end of that time. My plastic body wrap paper will go together nicely with it! 

4. A modern L-shaped desk is perfect for those of us with limited space to work with.

Woohoo for great desks for a great price! Easy to assemble and know, for whatever. I have high hopes for this place to get loads of work done! 

5. A foamy cleanser that contains 2.5% glycolic acid + willow bark + jojoba beads, which helps to alleviate clogged pores, leaving a deep-cleaned feeling.

Everything from Body Merry is worth trying at least once..though I’m sure you will want to order more after trying it. They also have Retinol cream, eye cream, night cream and, what looks like another must-try, vitamin C face wash. 

6. A personal safety security key ring alarm with pull-pin activation.

  • Protect yourself with confidence. This is the loudest alarm available today. 
  • Smart design. Many personal alarms feature an activation pin attached to the key ring. In contrast, this alarm has a separated activation pin. 
  • Small, but powerful. It’s convenient..simply pull out the pin to activate the ear-piercing 140dB self-defense alarm.
  • Keychain torch. The personal attack alarm also features a small but bright LED light..batteries are included.

7. The book with great recipes for kids who love to cook, and for parents to enjoy doing with them.

“Packed with more than 60 yummy recipes for easy-to-make treats, from crepes and cookies to fish tacos and nachos. This book features gorgeous photography and colorful illustrations in a fun, uncomplicated book that kids and parents are sure to love. Lots of fun facts ensure they’ll have a blast whipping up their own creations in the kitchen.”

This book deserves an award. I’m always looking for ways to cutback on grocery spending, and this helps so much! The food is pretty decent too. There’s not anything boring about this whatsoever! It’s a fantastic way to get the family eating a little healthier too. A great find! 

8. A T-Shirt saying “He Is Not Here He Is Risen” that’s perfect for Easter.

Enough said.

9. A portable car trunk organizer that’s perfect for stuffing all the kids junk in, and leave the vehicle looking like new.

  • Made of the best fabric. Durable polyester 
  • High usage performance – 2 large storage lattices and 2 small pockets 
  • Multi-purpose. Use it in the house or the office to store all the kids stuff. 
  • The size allows it to be folded in seconds when it’s not in use. 
  • Make your life easier without the mess.

10. The HP OfficeJet Wireless All-in-One photo printer that is instant ink ready.

Free HP Instant Ink enrollment card.

This prints extremely well and has a nifty little feature that allows you to scan to your documents. The setup is a little odd and not the easiest to figure out. As much as I love HP products, I don’t like their constant interference with the Support Assistant coming up on my devices. I like my printer to do it’s job and that’s it. I’ve heard this is a big complaint for quite a few customers. 

11. A cosmetic brush set to leave a flawless finish.

I’m in love with these. Don’t question how good they are because of them being super inexpensive! I believe you’ll be shocked at the great quality. 

12. A dry & wet mop starter kit that cleans hardwood and floors.

A great starter kit with a great price! And if you’ve never used Swiffer before, you don’t have to be concerned about being out too much in order to test it out. 

13. The original patented car seat gap filler (AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK)

The only solution with 100% gap coverage..Attaches to the seat belt via a built in slot; moves with the seat and no need to readjust. Each package comes with 2 Drop Stops. 

14. Simple to use highlighter for your cheekbones/brow bones.

Available in Moonlight Pearls, Blushed Gems, and Pink Diamonds. 

I like to dampen my foam blender to put on the highlighter by gently tapping on the spots I want it on. I’m in love with the glow it gives me!!

15. A 0.42 oz. nude eyeshadow container to make you shimmer.

I’ve used this for awhile now and I have no complaints. Really brings out the shade I’m going for, without being too much. I don’t think there’s one person these would look bad on. 

16. A powerful, 130ml portable handheld garment steamer that removes those stubborn wrinkles.

Anyone who knows me, is probably also aware that I HATE ironing. Like..over it! My husband is the only one who uses it. So, yes, we do have one! I couldn’t tell you where it’s located though. So, my normal go-to is the dryer! Which doesn’t always work depending on the material. 

I’ve read about steamers before, but they just seemed wayyyy too complicated for this simple girl! But because of the extras on the URPOWER, I was intrigued to look further into the product. The tank is larger than that of most steamers, and it only takes a couple of minutes max. to heat up. To switch on, you slide the lever on the handle of the steamer. Right underneath the switch is a light that turns red when you’ve switched it on. You can view the water levels on either side of the steamer through the windows. Plus, it has a safety feature that automatically shuts it down when the water is getting to low! Excellent! 

17. A air vent phone holder for your smartphone.

I’ve been looking for a car mount for my phone to sit in while I’m driving the Highlander. I just need to be able to see it because of using the map for my showings with my clients. This is perfect! It doesn’t budge once it’s attached to the vents, unless you want it to. You’re able to adjust the angle anyway you want it. It’s super simple to get the phone in & out, too! Looking towards my lap is now a thing of the past. And it’s so much safer! 

18. An anti-hair loss organic oil shampoo with no harmful chemicals. You get 16 oz. for a fantastic price ($31.77)!

I’m not one to stick with one hair product, but this stuff really works! I have extremely thin hair, unfortunately, and this shampoo helps it grow in quickly. I recommend using a good conditioner afterwards to help with the tangles. This brand does offer a conditioner, but I’m not familiar with it enough to advise towards or against it. 

19. A set of dog/cat bowls with a no spill non-skid silicone mat (stainless steel).

Finally! No bowls sliding all over the floor while my fur crew chows down. 

These bowls & stand are light weight, holding the ideal amount of dog food and water for most adult pets. When traveling, these are perfect, as the bowls are stackable and the stand folds, allowing it all to fit in a travel bag! Everyone with small or medium-sized dogs should try these out. 

20. A deodorizing, automatic sensor, touchless trash can that’s more convenient & healthier.

Not only is this a great trash can, but those with little ones who aren’t yet out of diapers, could use it as a bin for those stinky nappies! When the lid is down you can’t detect any stench whatsoever. The batteries (4 D’s) are long-lasting. Customer service, if required, is top of the line! 

21. An ultralight inflatable travel/camping pillow that is compact and comfortable to be able to get a good night’s sleep while you camp/backpack.

I’m a skeptic about most products that are made with camping in mind, because they usually stink or stick to your skin. But this pillow is the softest! And the fact that I can hold it in 1 hand, because it’s so light and compact, is icing on the cake. 

22. A convertible hammock or bench cover pet seat cover designed for the backseats of standard vehicles, trucks and SUVs.

Amazing and wonderful product! Works great for dogs that are heavy-shedders. It will be a useful tool in keeping your vehicle tidy from dog fur, muddy paws and dirt. My Aggie is a hyperactive pup when in the vehicle, so I can only use extremely durable products concerning her! If it needs to be switched between vehicles, it’s able to moved very easily and works well with most models of cars. Finally, it has pockets that are very convenient to have dog treats, toys, and leashes in! Two thumbs up!!

23. Heavy duty, all-angle, aluminum handle toilet plunger for a quick shit-suctioning. Then hang it by the handy little peg hole at the top.

If you’re going to host any type of family function in your home, then you’ll need the best plunger there is! Definitely streamlines making everything work normally again (well, not that crazy uncle that’s just way too past normal to make it back…Just me?) This plunger has flexibility in the rubber, so it doesn’t get lodged – you know, then fly back, splashing that yummy H2O all over the seat – or elsewhere. The bottom of the plunger is ridge-free, so water won’t sit in the ridges, allowing it to continue dripping once you’re finished. Good buy! 

24. Creative techniques to expressing your faith in this guide on journaling your Bible reading book.

This book’s definitely deserving of a review! Fantastic!! If you’re looking for an awesome artsy/Bible journaling book, you’ve probably not found too many worthy ones out there. But’ll be addicted to this. The creativeness is ready to flow instantly! The ideas help so much and the info provided allows your creativity to really expand. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Get to writing! 

25. And last, a self-inflating sleeping pad with thick outer skin, guaranteed to give you a good rest or the company will refund your money!

Surprisingly  lightweight. Overall quality is great! It’s a fantastic value. Buyer beware: If you’re taller than 6 feet, you’re toesies might be hanging off! I know some tall folks who wouldn’t mind that too much, but I’m sure that isn’t the best plan for quite a few others. For the kids, especially, this should prove to be pretty durable during the bulk of their childhood! Its measurements are approximately 70 inches high by 20 inches wide at shoulders. 

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