Welcome to my page, Seasons of Mothering! I made a decision to create this blog on WordPress, so I can relate with women who are just trying to figure things out as they go..like me. Maybe, we’ll grow stronger in our lives through the process!

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Being a Christian wife and mom isn’t always the success I’d love to claim it to be. God made me with a few complications, I think! But I keep getting stronger along the way…

My Promise to Keep Growing Stronger

This site will offer a lot of imperfect, somewhat humorous, and occasionally informative posts – if you’re lucky. Whether you’ve been through just one similar thing in your life, or multiple, I’m your girl to follow! Frankly, I need as much support and advice that I can get.

Hopefully, it’s an adventure that you’ll join me on! You can also subscribe to my site and receive new posts sent to your email, that way you can leave comments and feedback for me along the way – just from time to time. Salud!

I’m Jennifer – I’ve got a few kids…4, to be exact. They range from elementary school age, to “off on their own”. Raising kids is something that I’ve done for my whole adult life, and I’ll tell you – nothing quite forces you to become stronger than becoming a Mom.

Getting Stronger in Season Numero Uno

It was at the age of 17 that I gave birth to my first daughter. (Teen Mom, anyone?) I had the next beauty 2 1/2 years later..you know, since I was doing so well at it. Ahem!

Then this extremely attractive fellow came along while I was having this VERY classy soirée (i.e. house party) in my home. It was ’97..JUST before I found out about my second princess was already blooming in the womb. Womp, womp. I kept getting stronger by the minute!

This Could Be the Start To…

So, we had a lovely friendship with each other. I hung out with him here and there for a few years, before he was hit with the realization that — he was madly in love with me, obviously!

It was finally around October 2000 when we got started on this romantic rollercoaster ride! Clearly I HAD a favor to return to this man, who took FOREVER to fall madly and desperately in love with me – so, of course, I had to let him be aware that there wouldn’t be any wedding bells in our future. (I mean, they’ve never been good at lasting forever anyways, right?!) Our young knight – and only son – would arrive a couple years later. Then Mr. Prince Charming and I’d have a parting of ways – for those 5 seconds – in 2005.

Yu Darvish Chicago Cubs Gear

God, in His “Look at me! I’m God!” way, was totally SLAYING those 5 seconds. Slaying! Life would forever change. It’s when Grace Point Church came on the scene.

Then Came Marriage

I’d end up marrying this sexy beast of mine 2 years later. He’s always been the Dre to my Shady. The Kim to my Marshall. Kidding!

He balances me out nicely, is my point. So fine, I’ll be his wifey! Anyways, I’m pretty sure those “shacking up together” gigs have NEVER been successful at lasting..right? 😉

Moving Right Along

Skipping to 2011: There we were, starting to see these glimpses of our child-rearing finish line – so beautiful, so quiet. Then God gave a “MUAH-HAHA”, that echoed from the heavens above. He shook that big index finger, and said “Silly rabbits! We’re not through yet!” ?!?!@&)?! Cue this precious princess, J. Rose. Man this girl makes life a TRIP! (A blessing, too..but more of a trip.)

Jumping into the business side of things: I ended up ditching my career in the corporate world a couple of years later, so I could spend more time with Miss Thang at home. Then in 2014, I went and got my real estate license.

It’s been a whirlwind, and I couldn’t even begin to ask for more! No, seriously..no more, ok? I’m truly #blessed.

There’s so many seasons in mothering, and my one sentence to sum everything up is: In every breakdown, I have to believe a breakthrough will surely follow! So, in the meantime, I simply pray and hang on tight…

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